Shadow – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #2

606435-r1-05-19aFilm roll #2 was all about trying to eliminate over-exposure and unfocused shots. Shadow was my subject because she’s my sidekick and always with me,  plus she’s painfully adorable … and she didn’t have a choice. Thankfully she didn’t know what was going on anyway and provided the challenge of focusing on something that is constantly moving, which I knew I needed to work on. Exposure was an easy fix because I’m beginning to learn the quirks of my Spotmatic. The light meter is either broken or I don’t have the right battery (working on it), but I also know I could do it without the light meter. I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out.

Most of these shots were taken at a park near my house in the afternoon while the sun was setting, which created a warm glow on the tips of her fur I found to be really beautiful.


606435-r1-04-20aThis means rub my belly please.




606435-r1-14-10aI love the back of her ears so much.



606435-r1-15-9aThese were shots to experiment shooting inside my room using the evening light (the sun was almost set) from the window.


606435-r1-20-4aAnd then she photo bombed and somehow this light leak thing happened<3

Overall I think roll #2 was a success in getting more accustomed to the Spotmatic. There’s definitely little quirks on old cameras that you wouldn’t find on a digital camera, but I think the outcome of the film is well worth it. There’s no way your iphone could capture the richness like film does, not matter the filter.

Shadow – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #2

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