Sweet Pain Wall – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #4

606545-r1-01-23aHave we talked about my love for climbing? Its probably a broken record by now. Tough luck, this is my space;) Not like Myspace circa 2004, but like my realm, my blog. etc etc. whatever anyway.

I started climbing sometime in 2009 at the Rockhaus in Logan, Utah when I was attending college at Utah State University. I remember it to be something like a friend up my hall invited me to go to the climbing gym and I was desperate for friends because I moved up there knowing very few people, so I jumped on the opportunity. I don’t remember much about that specific event (I’m sure I sucked) but I do remember the next couple years I thought about climbing a lot, I wanted to get better at it. I bought my first pair of climbing shoes at a midnight sale at Al’s Sporting goods for like $50 which is a bargain for a climbing shoe, but a splurge for a poor college kid. The rest of my gear (harness, chalk bag, a couple carabiners) I bought at a yard sale where this hippy guy was selling all his belongings to go live in a solar dome in the mountains.. true story. I think I paid a total of $30 for all of that, I could barely buy food, but I bought used mens gear from a stranger because I REALLY wanted it. Now, the next 3 years of college I didn’t climb consistently, I went through waves of going to the gym or to the canyon depending on what friends were wanting to go and whether I had a job to pay for my gym pass, but I loved it.

I graduated college in 2012 and moved back to Vegas thinking I was “moving backward” in life. I think a lot of post grads feel this way when they have no clue what their path is. Within the first couple months of living in Vegas again I went to the closest climbing gym to my house (which also happens to be the oldest climbing gym on the west coast.. fun fact) and signed up for a  membership without even touching the walls first. The rest is history… I haven’t stopped climbing since. Through being bummed to move back to Vegas not knowing what to do with myself, I like to tell my friends I had a “re-birth” of loving Vegas. Red Rock and Mount Charleston have come to be my weekend homes and I’ve just barely scraped the surface of what they have to offer me. I have so much room to grow as a climber and this place has been my playground. Not to mention I met my boyfriend at the climbing gym and I now have so many good friends I met through climbing.

606545-r1-07-17aThis post has no “actual” climbing shots in it because it was just Tim and I out there and well, one person climbs and the other belays and its not safe to photograph whilst doing either of those things. So I shot just bits and pieces of a trip out to Red Rock for an afternoon at a crag, that we’ve done a hundred times. (Second pull out, Sweet Pain Wall, Red Rock Canyon)

















Sweet Pain Wall – Pentax Spotmatic Roll #4

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