Think Different

My tribute to Steve Jobs… thanks for thinking different and being one of the crazy ones. 
Thanks for your innovative mind, I will be using the fruit of your labor for the rest of my life.  
“..because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
Think Different

Man About Town

I’m always all for indulging in some good talent. Kilian Martin, a former gymnast that grew up in Spain that craved the ability to surf, but because he was surrounded by asphalt he took up skateboarding. This isn’t your typical skating, its extremely PLEASANT TO THE EYE.
So fabulous. And a fabulous face.
Man About Town

Monday pictures

K. Sprouse needs this
one day
wish i could be her. Todo and Audrey
wish i could go back for just one game.
I’m ready for a roadtrip
The Ramones win.
warm sensations during sleepovers
Its his turn to come home to me.
I love you LA
“..the stars are out tonight..”
One week straight baby. never gonna forget that.
Monday pictures

how the locals do it

 I made the mistake of taking a coma of a nap today after work, so now I cant sleep.

We all say that we love summer and its many majestic features they have on us..

sun, swimming, watermelon, shark week .. sun. 
But, i’m a believer that every town has its own perks during the summer. The thing that you only know about if you have spent a good amount of time in that town. I’m so blessed to have people in my life that through a matter of events became friends with them.  Once again i wish i took more photos, because this week consisted of alot of fun LV based activities and incredible friends. heres a few:
Me and the beautiful Emily Stolworthy reunited and went to The Drowsy Chaperone play at Spring mountain ranch outdoor theater on the edge of town. AMAZING play, hilarious. Alfonso was by far the best character.
I love spending time with this girl. Together we know how to laugh at eachothers dry humor and basically everything. sorry for the very POOR photo quality.
I went to a battle of the bands for Sal (fellow lifeguard) , which frickishly took me back to high school and the insane amounts of time i spent at local shows. Sal’s band, Inherit the Sky ended up winning the battle. He even gave us a shout out on stage, and said “HARTKE SHARKS!!”… and we replied with a “HAWR HAWR!!”  perfectly in sync. Sal’s a rockstar, and beyond talented. Check him out.
the pool today was so serene and slow motion. Thats the only way to explain the way we felt. At least me and Trevor thought so. I would sit there staring at the gray sky and my body felt numb almost and every motion I did was slow mo. I don’t do drugs, so this must have been a recipe of the weather, the water, and ambiance. It felt so good. I tried to capture a taste of the day.
lastly, some songs of the summer.
would you sue me if I said I liked this cover better then the original. no hard feelings AF.
i’m gonna lay it down right now, this girl, Nanna Fabricius is right up there with Emily Haines, and Amy Millan. bold statement. I guess their more popular song is Sun of a Gun. All of Oh lands stuff is worth listening to.
and because every music post deserves a throw-back. and Trevor, a co worker of mine lives for the Ramones, heres a little treat. Why do i go so long without listening to the classics. They only made all the good music today happen. Thank you Johnny Ramone.
That might have been an overload of music.
Happy first week of August. Its gonna be a good month, i can feel it.
how the locals do it


I’m trying to get back into life after Switzerland.. so what better way then catch up on my
aka-So You Think You Can Dance.
Summer wouldnt be the same without getting my fix of Napoleon and Tabitha’s Hip hop routines, and Sonya Tayeh contemporary genius routines.
Just thought i’d share one the most BUCK routines so far. Theres always a Natty-Tab love hip hop dance that blows my mind..

Day 23

 Presentation Day.  Remember how i told you we had to do a marketing project. We were split up into groups (design and business students) to re-design a brand of chocolates here called Femina.. So here was our finishing product.
we proposed that this brand support a cause in order to gain advertising, revenue and to help people
Ads we made. We were inspired by Tiffany & Co.
Then we had one of my favorite meals.
All the salad dressings here are 10 times better than in the states.
Mashed tators, cauliflower, and meat.

NO WAFFLE WILL EVER COMPARE TO THIS WAFFLE.. Its like a glazed donut in waffle form, with chocolate and caramel and whipped cream on it. all of that and times it by 500 and this is how amazing it is.
Kaitlyn: “i would throw up just so i would have room to eat more of these waffles”
Then a smaller group of us hopped on a train to go for an evening swim in Geneva lake again.. but this time in our swim suits.
We got there in time to see the sunset
The group.
check out Clays face.. he’s on the far right sitting down. He’s our eccentric fella.
The ladies.
It felt amazing to finally be done with the school part of the trip, although its going to be weird not to be with the entire 46 person group.
Tomorrow we’re going to Italy for a couple days. So see you on Friday!
Day 23