Dew Tour part 2

 Its that time of the year again. Talia and I went down to Ogden for the Dew Tour.  Have I told you how Ogden is my favorite place in Utah? Its the beeest. Check out Last Year Dew Tour post if you would like.
This year Mac Miller was the free concert on friday night. He’s a new, young, white rapper. I dig him.
We hung out with some new and old friendships, which was great.
Talia shares me with her family and I enjoy being apart of the Contos for weekends here and there. It was so relaxing, and really refreshing to get out of Logan and into new surroundings.
my friend Ricky came up with some friends to join. enjoy the in between blink face I have.
Our toes couldnt handle standing on Ice for hours, so we took a break in the lodge by a fire, and Ricky was trying to teach me how to get a good angle for my face in photos, to help with my lack of photo-geniality. But we gave up and started looking like noobs.
…and talked politics
being forced to take photos.
 I never have a bad time in Ogden, I feel I’ll always have a connection with Odgen because of the roommates i’ve had that are from there. Thanks for that roommates.
oh, also this:
Its Valentines Day.. did you know? and a friend of a friend made this, i couldnt help but sneak a picture of it. Hope you enjoyed time with your lovers. I know I enjoyed my burger and Dr. Pepper and redbox movie.
February has been pretty legit to me so far. Next on the list
take a peek:
oh geez i love this
Dew Tour part 2

One of those kind of weekends.

It was one of those kind of weekends. That makes you think something bad doesn’t? wrong again, it was one of the best weekends.  I randomly decided to go home for the weekend, because my sister had one extra seat in her car, so I couldn’t pass it up.
On the way down, I got to go out with a friend of mine, had a great time. (even though we went to a BYU game; the enemy)
I got down to Vegas friday night and almost immediately got together with some friendships, headed to the movies. My buddy Big Mike gets cold in movie theaters, as you can tell.
Saturday morning, some of my best friends and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and drove up to Red Rock to go on a nice little hike.
I was so pumped for this. Just to be outside felt amazing.
We lost the trail quite a few times, but it fed to our adventure hungry selves. Turned into more of a challenging hike… we were up for it.
Couldnt have asked for better weather.
da boys
Catherina and I
me clarifying how I could never model.
….being Blake.
Eldon and Dylan
Blake is the perfect boy scout, he brought first aid, granola bars, oranges, enough to go around twice. He was born for the outdoors.
At the top
Writing our thoughts in the book
LV valley
i super love her
the group at the top.
we decided to run down as fast as we could without falling. It was so fun, and so invigorating. This got me so pumped for Spring and summer. Oh yes.
On Sunday we went to Logandale to Melina’s casa to watch the Super Bowl, Ate great food, chatted with family.. oh and i rode in the trunk all the way there.
Me and my momma were matching and had a photoshoot thanks to Channi’s iphone skills. Aren’t we adorable? We sorta look alike dont we? My momma’s a hawty.
Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, with better company. 
My family and friends are so great. 
It was one of those perfect kind of weekends.
One of those kind of weekends.

reunions and goodbyes

The past couple of weeks I’ve been able to get together with some of my favoritest ladies in this world to reunite, and to say goodbye for quite a while. I dont want to get all sentimental on you guys, so i’m just going to recap moments here and there with some crazy photos… that basically explain a lot about these women in my life.
Firstly, my girl Kaitlyn Sprouse is serving a mission in Frankfurt, Germany, so I headed down to Vernal for her farewell a few weeks ago. Me and Kaitl, NEVER have a dull moment together. She’s an incredible example to me, and i’m going to miss her alot.
Mainly, I go through my day to day life at Utah State, and there is some event or moment in the day that makes me want to text her and laugh with her over something. From our obsession of Dr. Pepper, to laughing at our art history teachers butt being eaten by her underwear. I am truly blessed by her presence in my life.
Kacee, Kaitl, Me, and Kora. (K cubed) These are the gals that we hung out with the whole weekend. Kacee and I carpooled there, and everytime we hang out, we regret the fact that we dont hang out more. So, our friendship flourished.
tons of laughs and weirdo dinosaur jokes… all thanks to being in Vernal. awesome place.
we really couldnt say goodbye.
AAAAANNNNNNDDDD then, best photo of the weekend. I dont expect you guys to understand. But this explains our friendship. Take that home.. chew it. Thank you Universe and fate for allowing us to take the same 3D design class freshy year. I haven’t been the same person since:D
 THEN, this week Natalie Sarg. came up before she goes on her mission to Vina Del Mar, Chile. Lucky woman! Me and Nat lived together last year in the Rickity and instantly bonded over our love for the desert. Shes always a perfect example. motivated, intelligent, works out etc. Not to mention keeps our friendship fresh by keeping in contact. I LOVE that about her.
Also Ryleigh my other old roommate came up as well. She lived with us last semester, and our place hasnt been the same without her spunk and charisma. It felt so right having these fine ladies back in my life for a day.
half of the rickity together… this never happens.
Ryan Snow, and Nat (p.s. shout out to Snow: Happy birthday pumpkin!)
 Gosh, I’m so blessed to have met these fine folk while living in Utah for the past 4 years. I cant believe its been that long.
And I also cant believe kaitl and Nat are serving missions, how amazing is that? They’re gonna show up all those Elders and enjoy the cultures they get to experience. Jealous much? obviously.
Through looking at these photos i’ve also realized how little i get ready anymore. Winter does this to me.
reunions and goodbyes

Many rivers to cross

Lately decisions seem to be way more difficult then usual. Ones that I never thought I needed to do some soul searching to execute. Ones that could affect my near future, change my zip code, and open a new chapter. I’m too much of a child i feel sometimes, but I’m NOT technically, and that scares me. Time to put my big kid pantelones on I guess. Am I done with college for good already? goodness almighty, where did the time go?
But there is this dilemma.. do i go on an incredible trip to wrap up my schooling?
or come back to Logan, for one more semester for 2 classes to finish up?
This is what I’m talking about. I know what I want. It’s obvious.
I’ve talked to a TON of people about this dilemma, and everyone says,
“GO ON THE TRIP!! you’ll never have this time again in your life to just go see the world, never be able to take work off for that long of a time. And less likely to after going through with that thing called marriage that people around this age do.”
And, of course through this reason alone, I’M SOLD!! I’m extremely independent, and this could be a great way to end college with a trip for me. Is that selfish? I’m getting credit? ha
I can justify for days.
But, I’m gonna ask what you guys think.
So, what are you thoughts???
This song really knows how to hit me hard.. its so soulful and rich. woah.
Many rivers to cross

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

 Football is a funny little thing.
me and some other Aggies roadtripped up to Boise this weekend for our first Bowl game in a crap ton of years. Even tho we lost by one point in the last 30 seconds it was still semi worth it to drive up to Boise for my very first time. I love everything about 1. roadtrips 2. football games 3. meeting new people that go to Utah State, that i didnt know until this trip 4. waking up with a raspy voice from yelling the prior day. yes please.
first new friend, Dan Barello’s, this kid right here is the biggest hoot to spend time with. quizzed us on songs all the way up, and its impossible not to die laughing with him at least once while with him.
Boise was alot different than i thought, but i really enjoyed it. Ive spent so much time making fun of the smurf turf, but i have to admit, its pretty incredible.
The Famous potato bowl had potatoes EVERYWHERE. They even had a mascot dressed like a potato. idaho is the only place you see this kind of spirit for a vegetable.
Dan, Beard man, and Ben
There they are.
 uhhh.. yeah, im confused too.
And this is when the game started going down hill.. The kid in the background displays the same emotion. It was so painful watching the last minute of the game. I wanted to just leave and curl up and die. mk maybe not, but i was actually getting choked up like a baby. after we lost, it just turned into anger.
We hit up B-dubs after the game
.. drank our sorrows away
…while watching the review of the game. sad day. We all took a wing of the blazin hot wings to see if we could do it, and lets just say for the rest of the night, some of us had a few more bathroom breaks than normal…, became the joke that never ended for the rest of the night. the 2 apples we ate earlier in the day didnt really help with the bowel issues.
later in the night we took a hike to a natural hot springs in freezing weather, and met up with other utah state students that came up for the game. The hike down was a tid more cold than the hike up, everyones hair and suits froze within minutes.
on our drive home we saw this guys practicing his skiing skills with roller ski’s. he was so dead serious about it.
we stopped and frolic’d through these trees on the side of the road, they were so beautiful. and the weather was perfection.
My first frip to Boise was really great, even considering the loss of the aggies. We were proud to get to a bowl game at all, and hope to have another roadtrip next year for another bowl.
I finally get to go home for the holidays! It should be a fantastic time. This concludes the end of my first semester of Senior year of college. I can’t believe how old that makes me feel to say out loud.
I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

through the hours of the night

One great thing about my major is that im at the computer A LOT…
more than i would like to be, at least working on things that stunt my creativity (*cough* Ram-z fab)
anywho, an upside that i totally love about this thought is i get alot of music listening in. So, i decided to fill you guys in on whats sounding real, REAL good to me lately.
to get in the holiday spirit.. this  makes me want to spend Christmas in Harlem. mmhm
tell me how this song blows me away everytime i listen to it. And, i just had a re-epiphany with the Across the Universe movie, quite possibly in my top 15 best movies of all time.
you gotta listen to this loud, and with headphones.
well this concludes my music sharing time.. theres plenty more where this came from, but I gotta get back to the homework. The semester is so close to being done, i can taste.
through the hours of the night