DIY – Herringbone Table

13Months and months ago when I moved into my new place I insisted on making a table for our dining area. My poor roommates waited for another couple months using a crappy paint covered table til I actually finished it up. I envisioned a very simple herringbone top that I could whip up in a couple weeks. Pffftt. Herringbone … a couple weeks… obviously didn’t happen.



Since I work in the industrial area of Las Vegas I had been seeing these wire reels around all the dumpsters of businesses surrounding us. I thought the tops of the reels could act as a base for the tabletop. One day after work I had a co worker help me load it in my car. Who knew these were SO heavy! And of course I had my eye on one near the bottom of the stack.



I collected some pallet wood from work and some purchased wood for the base.


My dad and I designed a super simple yet sturdy base that we knew could handle the weight of the reel top.


Hi dads arm


I decided on this Poplar wood for the top because it was already sanded smooth so I could stain it however I wanted without any prep work.


Stained with 2 colors. Left one the natural color.



I scaled up the top on the computer so I could visualize what size and pattern I wanted the herringbone to lay.



After deciding on one foot pieces we gorilla glued then in a random pattern. The stains absorbed differently on every piece even though we bought the same exact wood. I found that to be an added charm to the whole piece instead of having exactly the same 3 colors, it came out dozens of different variations. That’s the fun thing about working with wood, no piece is the same and they react differently because of its porous nature.

12Because the surface of the reel top was really uneven and we didn’t take the time to sand it and level it because of existing screws and bolts the polar wood didn’t lay flat either.. which resulted in a huge adventure figuring out the art of epoxy. It’s no joke. 

I wanted a smooth top so cups and bowls are on a semi level surface. After one round of epoxy and having it drip for hours out the bottom of the top and still leaving uncovered sections we did a round two. (This time actually reading the instructions in the box) It came out good enough and hardened well! My pops helped the whole time multiple weekends in a row and provided some of the materials including the aluminum trimming.

15There’s many flaws and TONS of “next time ill do this differently’s” .. but it was a blast! I learned tons about working with wood, and spending all that time sweating, sanding, and jigsawing in my garage with my dad was really priceless. I also promise next time to not document with just my iphone, for the sake of the pictures.

Now, On to the next project!

DIY – Herringbone Table


 I have been getting MUCHO IDEAS from Honestlywtf and so i decided to put some to the test. And you know me, and projects/crafts/cool things. Gotta do em.
Here is an easy rad shirt you can make with things around the house. all you need is:
-4 cups of bleach & 1 cup of water
-A darker colored cotton shirt
(I used a gray one that I got at the DI for cheap cheap, and happens to be from old navy. I dont like tight shirts, so i got it a little baggy. I think Maroon, black, dark green, brown, deep purple would all look really cool with this idea)
-two flat long objects… I used wood panel things I found on the side of my house
-rubber bands
-a bucket
follow the 10 easy steps below
1. make sure you do this outside or in a place with good ventilation, because bleach is hecka strong stuff
2. Honestlywtf says to get a checkered look ‘fold your shirt like an accordion’ i wasnt sure what that meant exactly, so i did what i imagined it meant. And put the shirt between the two flat objects and use the rubber bands to bind it in.
3. combine 4 cups of bleach with 1 cup of water
4. Put the gloves on and make sure the scene is safe…..aha, dumb lifeguard pun.                                                                                              put the shirt in the bleach for just a few seconds.
5. try to cover as much of the sides with the bleach as you can
6. get the sides to become rusty orange , make sure not to leave it in too long because the bleach may start eating away the shirt.
7. hang dry it!
8. Wash that business in the washer, then:
10. happy day.