To the creators

Happy Anniversary to my creators!!
(with a whole crap ton of help from Heavenly Father)
They’ve been married for some time now.
Once upon a time they were cute young things, and their cuteness has just increased with every year. They were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple and 5 children later they are still hangin in there.
Watchin AFV every Sunday and going out on a date most every friday.
I owe them everything.
Congrats mum and daddio.
To the creators

to the man

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite man in life.
Thanks for all the wisdom
Thanks for the curly hair you willingly past on to me
Thanks for the laughs and fun times
most of all, Thanks for always being there.
Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!
to the man

Weekend / family / BFA / museum overload!

Lets get this update goin! SO much has been happenin!

Field trip
I think its only appropriate to begin by talking about the FIELDTRIP I went on.
Yes.. straight up fieldtrip on a school bus.. we had to take a sac lunch and everything.

Mike Frame… He apparently can sleep anywhere

So our destination was the Fort Douglas Military Museum
in Salt Lake

My fellow classmates
Kalee and Olivia
(we’re missing Tosha tho.. shes my homegirl)

I dig this photo..

Holy bullets


I dont know this kid.. he’s in our class.. hopefully he wont come across this photo. haha.

so me Kaitlyn and Talia this past Friday applied for the BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts)
um, I wish I knew what that exactly meant .. alls i know is that it looks better on a degree, so i did it.

We had to collect and mount alot of our art work from the past couple years and display it so that professors could look at it and decided whether we deserved it or not. A couple snow storms.. and a TON of annoying printings/mountings later we had our stuff together.

All Three of us are BFA students! woot woot!
SO glad to have that over with.

Navajo Exhibit
Like seen on the previous post there was a special exhibit i had to opportunity to work at for a school project. Through doing this it made me REALLY want to make a weaving. its a way more intricate process than I thought.

An actual Navajo Indian woman came and taught everyone how to do it the right way. lol
I followed her around pretty much, and asked about her moccasins, her turquoise jewelry, her wrap. everything. haha im pretty sure she was bugged by all my questions by the end.

Familia time
My entire family was up this weekend as well for my cousins wedding.
My siblings are growing up so fast I mean look at April.. she’s a mother of two
and one of the best MULTI-TASKERS i know.
Check it:D

My Beautiful cousin got married in the Logan Temple.
Too bad it was snowing.. but she didn’t care too much as you can see.

The Bet

After all the festivities ended, i relaxed and went hot tubbing with some of my friends, and Kayde got dared by her fiance chris to swim across the freezing cold water on top of the pool cover in exchange for two summer dresses that he would buy her. So after convincing her that it was worth it she froze her tush off.
spoiler alert! she looks naked at first, but shes not.

Busy past week! Glad its over but it was pretty fun looking back now.

Oh btw, have you guys heard of The Egyptian Lover.. if not, you should youtube that business stat.

until another Time…

Weekend / family / BFA / museum overload!

My homegirls got some birthday lovin’

2 of my beautiful sisters are another year older today..
this isnt an April fools joke
(that would be a pretty lame joke to play.. I mean, get real:)

Katy and her daughter Eva this past summer at the beach

Me and my older sister April on Halloween at our elementary school, Paul E. Culley.
Go Cougars!!
(that is the only time i will ever have pride for any cougar.. realize that we were outside of Utah.. so its okay )

And then one of my bestest friends Kaitlyn turned a whopping 21 on the 29th…
we celebrated last night.. and i kid you not, by the end of the night we were sitting in my room watching Swamp people on the History channel.
I know, We’re rad.


My homegirls got some birthday lovin’

Firsts and Lasts

Busy busy week.. check it.

FIRST: I attended a bachelor party of my Cousin Brandeis.. he’s like my best friend cousin. We have so many good times in our past, duh , we’re FAMILY.
WE hit up Buffalo wild wings, devoured some manly bachelor sports, and wings.
Sometimes i feel like i should have been born a dude, then i realize
how much i like boys, then I scratch that idea.
LAST: night as a free man.
FIRST: getting hitched in the Las Vegas temple!
Me and the Cuz.

Me and the Gparents.
The Honeys

FIRST: walking out of somewhere as a married couple! happiness..

lovin on her mama

FIRST: hugging a cardboard version of Brysson, who is serving a mission.
disregard the lazy eye happenin on my left.


FIRST: on the way to the temple.. seeing this black lady riding a street bike, you NEVER see women of color with junk like that riding bikes. lol
me, Chan, and Leslie were crackin up.

FIRST: reading the sequel to the Hunger Games.. sorry i might be a little late with this series..

FIRST: Papoosa’s in Las vegas.. ive had them in Logan but i found a place here in town! oh man they are delish! Its like if a pancake and a burrito or taco had a baby, this is what they would make!

okay so maybe there was only 1 ‘last’ on that list of firsts and lasts.. what err.

thats it, i need to get a camera.. these grainy nasty pictures from my phone just arent cutting it.

Firsts and Lasts

The Men

Its the day of the Fathers, and I have two very special and fantastic Fathers in my life..
My brother and my father.

If i recall, I remember hearing stories of how my brother, J.dub, really liked to play with me when i was an infant and babysitting me, and he really enjoyed my presence in the world, and our family. lol

J.dub is an amazing father to 3 gorgeous children now, and he’s radical all around. Very talented, and always knows how to joke around with me. If you’re not teased your loved, right?


My dad is one of a kind, and never ceases to amaze me with his talents, and whit.
Always compliments me, and makes me feel great about myself. Spiritual and motivated man.

(this is my pops and bro back in the day..this photo is fabulous)

And this is them now.. i intend on marrying a man like them one day, its going to be hard to find someone that lives up to these men that raised me:D

Love you Dad and Brother!
Happy Fathers Day!!!

The Men