I have been getting MUCHO IDEAS from Honestlywtf and so i decided to put some to the test. And you know me, and projects/crafts/cool things. Gotta do em.
Here is an easy rad shirt you can make with things around the house. all you need is:
-4 cups of bleach & 1 cup of water
-A darker colored cotton shirt
(I used a gray one that I got at the DI for cheap cheap, and happens to be from old navy. I dont like tight shirts, so i got it a little baggy. I think Maroon, black, dark green, brown, deep purple would all look really cool with this idea)
-two flat long objects… I used wood panel things I found on the side of my house
-rubber bands
-a bucket
follow the 10 easy steps below
1. make sure you do this outside or in a place with good ventilation, because bleach is hecka strong stuff
2. Honestlywtf says to get a checkered look ‘fold your shirt like an accordion’ i wasnt sure what that meant exactly, so i did what i imagined it meant. And put the shirt between the two flat objects and use the rubber bands to bind it in.
3. combine 4 cups of bleach with 1 cup of water
4. Put the gloves on and make sure the scene is safe…..aha, dumb lifeguard pun.                                                                                              put the shirt in the bleach for just a few seconds.
5. try to cover as much of the sides with the bleach as you can
6. get the sides to become rusty orange , make sure not to leave it in too long because the bleach may start eating away the shirt.
7. hang dry it!
8. Wash that business in the washer, then:
10. happy day.