Week of Gratitude

 This right here is going to be all about the past week, that i’m going to smash into one post. This being because i’m a busy female. Although a lot of stuff has happened, many of the events actually all coordinate to be all things i’m grateful for this year.  In order of occurence, lets do this.
I’M GRATEFUL FOR: Chad Hogan’s party
in a nut shell {a very popular comedian based in Britain created a joke about American parties and used a random American name (that being “Chad Hogan”) as his example of who threw this hypothetical American party. A lot of his followers are from Scotland and find this joke to be HILARIOUS.. So Scottish people found my friend (Chad Hogan) from Logan, UT who goes to Utah State, and started adding him on facebook. nut shell being shorter, BBC contacted Chad Hogan and asked if they could come film an episode of his tv show at his house while having a party} pretty hilarious right? If you want to know more about this joke go HERE.. its the actually joke, that i dont really find funny, but whaterr.
 scene from the party. it was awkward because there were cameras and really bright lights outside the house and inside camera men. We tried to act natural but at times it was impossible to not act different when the camera was around.
met a dude friend with similar shoes. not  many guys try and pull off boots. props to you stranger who i thought was named Trey the whole night.. but really is Seth. I’M GRATEFUL FOR: The NBA being back, so i can torment the Jazz fans just cuz.
I’M GRATEFUL FOR: friendships, and pre-Thanksgiving dinners with these friends. The friends that last, and every time you hang out with them you realize why you became friends from the beginning. Not only people that came to this dinner but many, many others. Friendships that give you inspiration or help you be a better you. Cheers to friends.
We had a small group over for a pre-thanksgiving dinner, and it turned out incredibly well. So delicious, and good conversation with good people.
tons of laughs, obvi.
we had a discussion of how many people put whipped cream on their cranberry sauce.. apparently its just me. Do any of you also do this?
 I got home for the break, and was able to celebrate Brandeis’ birthday. I’m grateful for cousins, and cousin-in laws.
 Now for the real deal. The 24th of Nov blessed us with wonderful weather. So we set up all the tables outside.
I’M GRATEFUL FOR: Las Vegas weather, family that i rarely get to see, and the ones i see all the time, Jeff’s mashed potato recipe, and Sister Goronson’s pies.
 I’M EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR: the little sister I always wanted, and her being from a far away foreign land, so we get to experience simple American things all over again through her. Oh and her putting up with us, and how crazy we are. AND, how she brings travel and culture to me, when i can’t be physically doing it right now.
oh the weather. delicious.
 I’M GRATEFUL FOR: art and the outlet it provides me. Also, education and the opportunity I have to attend a college and take art classes, even though at times I want to stab my professors, I know in the long haul its all for my own artistic growth. The garage I stole for my studio for the weekend.
thursday night mom, Katy, Catherina, and I ventured out to stores for black friday. Were out til 2:30 a.m. and crazy loopy by the time we were done. BUT, i felt so proud of myself, because I requested a song on the new jelli station in LV while we were waiting for Target to open and it came on! I’m enjoying my grunge 90’s kick lately.
I’M GRATEFUL FOR: music. which is an obvious one for a lot of people. but it means so much to me. i’m grateful that the song ‘while my guitar gently weeps’ by Martin Luther McCoy is blowing my mind right now.  
as the weekend came to a close I got yogurt and looked at the beginning of the Christmas lights with my old friends Shelby and Matthew.
All of this week got me so pumped for winter break.
Since i’m here and all i thought i’d list a couple more things…
Jesus Christ
Odilon Redon (especially his book to Himself)
Across the Universe
mum and dad
Adobe Suite
post its
waterproof boots
my cadillac
hot tubs
Robyn being Canadian
No shave November (for obvious reasons)
TopShop coming to Vegas
live music
cottage cheese
sports (especially UNLV’s win this weekend)
I swear i thought of 5 guhzillion things on the drive back to Logan today, but I guess it will just have to wait til next year. Hope your week was full of thanks, and giving. Now, let my final projects go by fast and smoothly. love you all.
Week of Gratitude