Its not the best time to be inspired. but i am and i should be sleeping.
so here’s my list of current inspirations.


Jarle Bernhoft

This man is pure genius.

Effect International

This freaking awesome kid in my ward is a member and creator of this non profit organization that goes to India and teaches people how to read and builds schools.
did you know: -approximately half of women in India do not know how to read or write?
(often times because they were sold on the sex market early in their life)
-Around 40% of the total population in India is illiterate and only 15% of the students are able to reach high school.

I want to help SOOO bad.
.. and you should to.
click the link above for more info.


Im really feeling these right now.
Using just random nuts and bolts lyin around in your garage that your pop may not be using.. and make something so legitimate like these bracelets.
thats it! im going to make these!

for more info check out honestlywtf

LASTLY, this was me and my two roommates Nat, and Ryleigh tonight..
We got all ready to go outside and jog and we opened the door to snow fall.. barf. SOOO.. instead we started doing our own aerobics in the living room to rap from high school.
next thing we know..
We’re doing Bollywood workout videos we found on youtube. It was amazing.. i was breaking a sweat. and learning awesome Bollywood moves.
oh then later we watched the Miracle of Life from like the 70’s, ya know, the one you watched in health in 7th grade or somethin. Educational thats fasho.

please share your inspirations,
i love being inspired at 12:38 a.m.


Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident,
and riches take wings.
Only one thing endures and that is character.

Horace Greeley

Art & Copy

are GREAT. I think i would much rather watch those sometimes than movies. At least when I’m in the mood to learn something new ya know. Or fun facts.
I watched this doc. last night. It was so uplifting and nourishing.
Almost makes me want to go into advertising.. luckily design is alot of the times in the same department.

Watch the trailer:

This old Apple commercial i used as a reference in a paper last year, and they also played it on this doc. If you havent seen it, check it!

great right?

Art & Copy

Good is the Enemy of Great


Theres just those days when you have an epiphany about life as we know it.
Pretty much about my life and my future. Deep crap.
But you see children, i have this professor that is such an inspiration to me when it comes to my art. (cheesy as it sounds)
Thats the only thing i can imagine myself ever doing/majoring in.
I see people studying their science or math stuff and i want to gag.

So this professor, Matt Larsen, he’s a sorta younger guy.. not like 20 or anything, like 35 im assuming, not really sure.
He once said something along the lines of,
“when i think about the career i want to have, i KNOW that i want to be happy doing it, and at the end of the day i think of the people that i spent the most time with, the 9 to 5 people. my art friends. do they make me enjoy and love what im doing? I could never spend all day in a cubical, with people i genuinely dont like. An old friend once told me,
i wake up whenever i want, go to my art studio, PAINT for about 4 hours… then i golf… nothing gets better than that.
this man made me drop the job i had and study art, if you are doing what you love you can make a market for yourself.”

after feelin amazing all day about what I KNEW i wanted for my future, we had a guest speaker that taught us something very valuable. It honestly fell right into the topic that had been on my mind all day. The speakers were local Logan artists. They taught:


how to make your work great, not just good. 5 steps.

1. Acquire knowledge
holla! thats what im doing in college.
2. Being current
study up on what sells, whats funky and fresh
3. Experience
travel travel travel!!! Im going to Switzerland dis summa!
4. Vision
picture ur product, make it happen
5. Risk
make something no one has seen. Be the inventor

My education.

Good is the Enemy of Great

“An Artists job is to make order out of chaos. You collect details,
look for pattern,
and organize.
You make sense out of the senseless facts.
You puzzle together bits of everything.
You shuffle and reorganize.

Chuck Palahniuk

p.s. Beach trip recap is coming i promise…