{LATE} Mid Week Distraction Vol. 3

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This week started with a stupid stye in my eye from what I assume to be from rubbing my eyes when I have climbing chalk on my fingers. I do it without even realizing it and this week it caught up to me. I kind of liked having the excuse to not wear makeup.. why do we use that crap anyways? Oh, right, because mascara is magic. Ill tell you this much though, a good boyfriend is the kind who says you look the same with or without it, even though you know its a lie. Its the good kind of lie.


Speaking of a good lie, I watched this movie this week. A MUST SEE. Its on HBOgo right now or in redbox If I recall.



HUGE fan of this interchangeable shelving display from oldbrandnew. So much versatility and easy to DIY.

I love how everything begins with an artist. Extremely impressive to me. I found this fitting because of the new Jurassic World being all the rage as of late.


Its probably one of the best times to have a vagina.. I  mean if we’re talking era wise, we clearing have the most options to deal with our monthly gifts in a more comfortable or discreet manner than say .. when the pioneers crossed the plains (bless their hearts). Its time to be open about menstrual cups. This may be a topic for an individual blog post because I have so much to say about them. All I can say for now is that a menstrual cup has been a game changer for me. HERE is a list of reasons someone else put together as to why they are the shizzzzzzzz. Its not for everyone I suppose but everyone should at least be aware of this option. If anyone wants another blog post about this alone, I’d love to talk it out, Im not embarrassed one bit getting real about this stuff. In fact, I enjoy it.

One of the first songs released from Metrics new album that still has yet to come out. This acoustic version has been my treat all week.


Via Bobulate

I enjoyed this really inspiring story of a girl who became paralyzed from the waist down in a climbing accident and how her resilience, and the help of her friends and family, allow her to still go on her outdoor adventures. Grab some tissues.


To wrap up this weeks distractions… here’s a sneak peek of a future project of mine. Feeling excited and challenged.

Yay for the weekend.

{LATE} Mid Week Distraction Vol. 3

Mid Week Distraction Vol. 2

I loving having a home on this blog for all these random finds throughout my week. I may not discover cool finds every week, but this week I’m feeling inspired by a lot. Here we go..(all photos are links)

the weepies

The Weepies

After about 5 years The Weepies released a new album that I can’t help but love. Speaking of love… this album seems overly special because Deb Talan battled and beat breast cancer in between this and the last album. The lyrics seem more meaningful than ever. Go Deb!


Nepal Rises

One of my very bestest friends from college, Casey Allred founded his own non profit called Effect back in 2010, since then he’s gone on to gain enough money on kickstarter to film a documentary in India to shed light on sex trafficking. In the middle of filming the Nepal earthquake struck and he put the filming on hold to go help the relief efforts in Nepal through Nepal Rises. 2 other earthquakes have hit just this week that he’s been there, one of which he caught on film in the middle of an interview. This has been on my mind a lot. Since I can’t be there with Casey, I feel it important to share that this work is happening and that there are forums we can donate to if we so desire. Since I know Casey, I know all that he dabbles in is well thought out and effective. (pun intended) Food for thought.


Tiny Desk Concerts

Been digging on these short little concerts that NPR puts on, especially because a lot of performers have to do acoustic sessions. I love that. I recently watched Jake Bugg’s set.

The Pegasus Project

Gosh this made me tear up.

10688189_832633556788281_1228686318828707869_o Shea Moisture

I rarely post about hair products, and I don’t even know if I feel worthy of posting about this product because I’ve only used the Coconut & Hibiscus Hold and Shine spray, but im excited to try the rest in the near future.  Originally created in Sierra Leone, Africa and made with all organic ingredients. Are you sold yet? They also have beauty and baby products. OH and the best part is they smell incredible. My spray smells just like a pina colada. Not mad about that.

Looking for Adam

THE most adorable dating video a son made for his mother.

933f1bdcf7a05f1b91b5b918d6efb00e11455c08_66050 Art, Music and culture full length & free documentaries on youtube


better-for-it-abs-nike.0Nike’s New Commercials

YES. So much closer more realistic

IMG_6387 This book.

These are the best kind of distractions dontcha think? What have you found this week?

Mid Week Distraction Vol. 2

Mid Week Distraction Vol. 1

Decided I needed a forum to store all the goodies I come across during the week. I’ve seen some other blogs do a mid week distraction post kind of thing.. boom.. perfect. A little bit of a vent sesh. Mostly want to share some of my favorite finds so others can enjoy them too.
This documentary series on chefs around the world. It’s so deliciously beautiful and inspiring.
This video showing some of the disaster from the Everest avalanche last week. With the Nepal tragedy and Baltimore riots all so close together, gives us much to pray for this week.
The Design Files wonderful series of artist, dancer, creators of all styles. Really enjoyable.
This show. This interview. (Not your grandmas kind of show)
THIS. kickstarter.
Neato. Wish I looked like that in white spandex.
This instagram account. Too good  not to share.
Spread the beauty. Spread the distraction.
Mid Week Distraction Vol. 1