Throw back

When you got lots to think about and need to chill out.
Indulge in a throw back or two.
Never faileth.
and of course this classic.
Aren’t those great?
Throw back

through the hours of the night

One great thing about my major is that im at the computer A LOT…
more than i would like to be, at least working on things that stunt my creativity (*cough* Ram-z fab)
anywho, an upside that i totally love about this thought is i get alot of music listening in. So, i decided to fill you guys in on whats sounding real, REAL good to me lately.
to get in the holiday spirit.. this  makes me want to spend Christmas in Harlem. mmhm
tell me how this song blows me away everytime i listen to it. And, i just had a re-epiphany with the Across the Universe movie, quite possibly in my top 15 best movies of all time.
you gotta listen to this loud, and with headphones.
well this concludes my music sharing time.. theres plenty more where this came from, but I gotta get back to the homework. The semester is so close to being done, i can taste.
through the hours of the night

you take your car to work.. i’ll take my board.

 Rivers.. I always thought that was a rad name, not only because it was the first name of my favorite bands lead singer in the 8th grade. I finally got to see Weezer in concert. Its about time right? Even tho their two newest cds werent good. thats all i have to say about the new stuff… NOT GOOD. Sorry but its true. Old stuff??? BUCK. can. not. lose with Blue or Green album. and basically got me into music when i was a youngin.. 
bless you Weezer.
Homeboy Scott Shriner bassist was wearing a kilt. I dont care one bit. When you are 46 and still rocking OUT… wear what you will. Is he Scottish, no idea.
i took a ton of videos but they take too long to upload so i just did everyones fav, Say It Aint So
i love how casual Rivers dresses. He’s the man.
I have a dad crush on him.
 I forgot to say it was at the Red Rock Hotel pool side. and mid show, Rivers jumped in and got his legs wet… then at the very end He jumped all the way in and fans decided to join him. you cant really tell by this video because it was crowded, but it was legendary.
“in the garage.. i feel safe”
Luckily they played majority old songs. ended up being SO GOOD!
you take your car to work.. i’ll take my board.

how the locals do it

 I made the mistake of taking a coma of a nap today after work, so now I cant sleep.

We all say that we love summer and its many majestic features they have on us..

sun, swimming, watermelon, shark week .. sun. 
But, i’m a believer that every town has its own perks during the summer. The thing that you only know about if you have spent a good amount of time in that town. I’m so blessed to have people in my life that through a matter of events became friends with them.  Once again i wish i took more photos, because this week consisted of alot of fun LV based activities and incredible friends. heres a few:
Me and the beautiful Emily Stolworthy reunited and went to The Drowsy Chaperone play at Spring mountain ranch outdoor theater on the edge of town. AMAZING play, hilarious. Alfonso was by far the best character.
I love spending time with this girl. Together we know how to laugh at eachothers dry humor and basically everything. sorry for the very POOR photo quality.
I went to a battle of the bands for Sal (fellow lifeguard) , which frickishly took me back to high school and the insane amounts of time i spent at local shows. Sal’s band, Inherit the Sky ended up winning the battle. He even gave us a shout out on stage, and said “HARTKE SHARKS!!”… and we replied with a “HAWR HAWR!!”  perfectly in sync. Sal’s a rockstar, and beyond talented. Check him out.
the pool today was so serene and slow motion. Thats the only way to explain the way we felt. At least me and Trevor thought so. I would sit there staring at the gray sky and my body felt numb almost and every motion I did was slow mo. I don’t do drugs, so this must have been a recipe of the weather, the water, and ambiance. It felt so good. I tried to capture a taste of the day.
lastly, some songs of the summer.
would you sue me if I said I liked this cover better then the original. no hard feelings AF.
i’m gonna lay it down right now, this girl, Nanna Fabricius is right up there with Emily Haines, and Amy Millan. bold statement. I guess their more popular song is Sun of a Gun. All of Oh lands stuff is worth listening to.
and because every music post deserves a throw-back. and Trevor, a co worker of mine lives for the Ramones, heres a little treat. Why do i go so long without listening to the classics. They only made all the good music today happen. Thank you Johnny Ramone.
That might have been an overload of music.
Happy first week of August. Its gonna be a good month, i can feel it.
how the locals do it





no substitution

Let the drummer kick
let the drummer kick that

mass confusion