2015 Recap (according to random iphone photos)

Alas, another year is over. I never thought I’d be 25 years old, well I knew I would be, just felt like it was 5… 3… 2 years away… TWENTY-FIVE years old. Half way to 50..Now that the year of that age is over, I feel like im almost ready to say I’m in my late twenties. ouch. I still have 6 months til it fully ends so I’ll stop being so dramatic. In the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Now starts the couple months of having to change the “5” to a “6” when you sign the date. Luckily its an easy fix, without truly needing white-out.

I want to recap 2015 with those random iPhone photos that never got posted somewhere, but still help sum-up the timeline of the year. These photos deserve internet space too… and might free up some space on my phone in return.

–JANUARY–IMG_2414IMG_2406It’s no surprise I spent January climbing on the weekends. The weather is usually delightfully bearable in the winter, and if you chase the sun, we love it out there.

IMG_2504Participated in a boulder competition with Tim.

IMG_2402Remember the random iphone photos thing i was just talking about? This is where it kicks it.

–FEBRUARY–IMG_2519In February I watched the super bowl with my cousin and baby Jax. Seahawks lost.

IMG_2533Moved into a new office for work. Big change from our old offices.

IMG_2542AND realized what a great idea the office move was because of the things we found by the dumpsters at our old office.

IMG_2574Visited some beautiful friends in Utah.

IMG_2583Experimented with some scrap vinyl from work, and actually liked it.

IMG_2658It also snowed in Red Rock in February! (photo cred: Tim Eichholz)

–MARCH–IMG_2724IMG_2729Early in March my sister, her kids, and I went to visit my grandpa and let him tell us about his new projects.

IMG_2765Female Foodie and friend Brooke came to visit and we ate Thai food and saw some transvestites dance in the parking lot.

 IMG_2787got new gear!

IMG_2802Dad got a new knee and practically ran out of that place.

IMG_2827IMG_2823Braved Mnt. Charleston with Tim and Shadow a little early in the year.

–APRIL–IMG_2859In April we got this horrendous picture taken of us at my families annual Easter picnic.

FullSizeRenderThis happened.

IMG_2883I saw a desert tortoise in its natural habitat for the first time in April, after that I saw a couple more throughout the year and geeked out every time.

IMG_2913My parents’ Hispanic neighbors threw a ‘low-key’ party next door, leaving the cul de sac COMPLETELY full of parked cars. I found it hilarious.

IMG_2984Was a bridesmaid for muh girl Regan in April. Spent the whole afternoon/evening avoiding a down pour of rain seconds after this photo was taken. It was a blast, even with the rain.


–MAY–IMG_3016This dumb website arose in May and made me re-think using wrinkle cream.

IMG_3028Mothers day got crazy.


IMG_3082Tim’s sister Kelley performed on TV with her dance company in NYC.

IMG_3095Tim was about a month into the fire academy at this point, he still tried his hardest to hang out with me and go about his regular life, but there was a lot of this^ going on while we drove around town or to and from Charleston/Red Rock. TROOPER!

–JUNE–IMG_3130This happened and it was cute.

IMG_3143Took a Maple Canyon climbing trip around my birthday weekend. It rained a lot, and  shadow was sopping wet the entire time and didn’t care one bit.

IMG_3154Coolest birthday gift.

IMG_3160Spent some hot summer evenings at Lather & Shave at the park.

IMG_3177Dumpster dove for a table I still haven’t done anything with.

IMG_3188Are you sick of these climbing pictures yet?

IMG_3216Used my communities pool for the first time In the whole year I’ve lived there.

IMG_3231Attended Downtown Podcast with some frenzzz.

IMG_3260Cleaned out my garage and found these goodies.

IMG_3267..and summer storms began.

–JULY–IMG_3361Too much cuteness not to share on our second Maple Canyon trip of the summer on 4th of July weekend.

IMG_3422Saw Bye Bye Birdie at Spring Mnt Ranch outdoor theater and saw Sydney (Tim’s cousin and my neighbor) dance and squeal over Conrad Birdie. She Killed it.

IMG_3618Roadtripped to Utah for my family reunion on the 24th of July.

IMG_3690All my siblings together after many years apart.

IMG_3654And all my way too grown up nephews. Bunch o’ studs.

IMG_3384July showers brought… epic rainbows.


IMG_3970August got REAL hot.

IMG_4105Tim graduated from the Fire Academy after months of intense physical and mental work in the heat of summer. His family and I got to attend the graduation at City Hall.

IMG_4159Locked my keys in the car at church.

IMG_4258Hiked in the evenings.

IMG_4180And got coached on some yoga by Shadow.


End of summer shimmy.

–SEPTEMBER–IMG_4324In September I rearranged my room to shake things up.

IMG_4287I attempted to be domestic.


IMG_4436Tried my hand at macrame for my window.

IMG_4663Ended September with a day trip to Kolob, UT Namaste Wall.

–OCTOBER–IMG_4758I started a weekly VLOG earlier in the summer as a creative outlet I was unfamiliar with. Kept it up for about 6 months, had lots of fun in the process. I have since stopped doing it, but plan on doing others in the future for major trips/events.

IMG_4939Attended secret art exhibit.

IMG_4968Was customer 1,2, & 3 at In-n-out. That was a first.

IMG_4861Unfortunately in October I figured out my name it a lot like this cream if you say it fast. (which I’ve never used, obviously) “LoriTruman”…”Lotrimin” haha

IMG_5059Was a mermaid at a boulder competition.

IMG_5092The highlight of the year was probably dad being Elton John for Halloween. Already brainstorming for next year.

–NOVEMBER–IMG_5137In November I got my climbing shoes re-soled and was pleasantly surprised with how well I liked them!

IMG_5169Collected LOTS of wood from the pallets by the dumpsters at work.

IMG_5176Attended an art festival and food truck festival in the same Saturday as well as saw live music by local band Brumby.

IMG_5196I expanded my knowledge about menstrual cups. Yes, I still love them and find them life changing.

IMG_5275Roasted marshmallows in my parents backyard Thanksgiving weekend.

–DECEMBER–IMG_5337In the beginning of December I was surprised with this log reindeer made by someone in my fab shop that left it on my desk. I still don’t know who made it for me. Sneaky secret santa.

IMG_5409Was invited by some friends to attend a “Tuesdays at Justins” dinner night. An old friend attended culinary school in France, so now he takes Tuesdays to share his talents and keep up with his food making skills. It was SO fancy and SO delicious.

IMG_5470Star Wars on Christmas Eve. I personally LOVED it. Ray is the baddest chick in all the galaxy. And Kerry Fisher is still beautiful despite her lip jobs and wrinkles. Kylo Ren is hot… judge me. Watch GIRLS.

IMG_5439The US-95 people think they’re funny.

IMG_5329Remember that wood I collected back in November? Used almost all of it for some Christmas gifts.

IMG_5465Which I snuck into Tims house.

IMG_5371And for a headboard for my parents.

IMG_5495To end the year I had a group of 8 Utah friends come to climb in Red Rock. They stayed for New years and hiked, climbed, slept, ate.. repeat and barely realized we switched years in the middle.

I didn’t want to end this with a sappy ode to resolutions, or lack of keeping resolutions, yadda yadda.. But I’m always excited by the idea of a New Year to gain new ideas and inspirations and to get excited for all the different holidays all over again.

Bye 2015. Hello 2016. 


2015 Recap (according to random iphone photos)

Life since last summer

ONE YEAR?! Its been almost a year since I last posted on this. It’s one of those things where you feel so behind on it, that you just keep putting it off because you don’t even know where to start updating it. Procrastination at its finest. 
With instagram/fb/tumblr etc etc etc at the forefront of lazy “journaling” these days, it pulls away from posting in depth about things, AND a blog cleanse isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d like to say I was living my life too much to have time for it, but the eat-sleep-work-gym scenario majority of the days doesn’t seem blog worthy. That’s still not a good excuse to not document the year.. many great things have indeed happened. I decided to go through my phone and pick mostly random snippets from my year, a lot of which weren’t posted or talked about on any other form of social media. So here it is, blurbs from my year:
Climbed my fair share last summer, a lot of which was on Mnt. Charleston to get away from the heat. Gained a couple battle wounds while I was at it.
On 4th of July weekend I swam with sharks in San Diego. Only came across baby ones, which I was okay with for my first time around.
 Had a family reunion up in Enterprise, Utah towards the end of July.
I moved to a townhouse this summer, so early fall I spent a lot of time making some furniture and wall paintings for our place to make it more ours. 
 We did some signage for High Roller at The Linq at work so we got a free ride! Spent most of our ride playing marco polo with my co workers because we’re children.
 Attended the 2nd Annual Life is Beautiful festival in October. This time was able to help with part of the curating of an art exhibit within the festival. Here I was experimenting with Brock on his trippy light exhibit.
Saw some great bands, but The Flaming Lips stood out among the rest.

Spent lots of quality time with shadow my little black fox best friend.

AND Took the perfect Christmas card photo
Explored the Container park downtown with my cousins during the holidays.
Cousin James came to visit from New Zealand, or Australia, or Utah, or Bunkerville or wherever this Nomad was.
My dad got the best Christmas gift from my sister Channi, Im still in awe at how brilliant it is.
Spent a lot of the beginning of 2015 climbing in Calico Basin. Photo cred: Sarah Eyk.
Participated in a couple boulder competitions at local gyms with my super buff and hawty boyfriend. ha
My best friend cousin Jerilyn 1. HAD A CHILD 2. A really cute one 3. Made him an insta seahawks fan during the super bowl despite the outcome.
In February I finally got up to visit my best friend college people in Utah. They are lovely as ever, now with babies or engagements rings or awesome big people jobs. I miss them every day.
Visited grandpa in the spring with my sister and her kiddos. Saw his new wood work projects and ate Marv’s and sat on the porch.
Spring break rolled around and my old roommates came into town to climb! We ate sushi and got scolded by the HOA for having too much fun.
Now, for the present. Tim has been worked into the ground since he began the fire academy this month, resulting in a lot more needed sleep. This photo happened to be after a full fay of climbing.. but thought it was too adorable not to share.
Well, there it is.. a crash course of my year, according to my iphone. See you in a year! just kidding.. but seriously.. kidding.. maybe.
Life since last summer

2k13 Recap… better late than never.

In 2013 I was fortunate enough to go on a healthy amount of road trips, meet new best friends, and create tons of unforgettable memories to add to my twenty-something archives. Here’s a random group of photos for my (and yours) enjoyment.

Started off the year with more snowboarding than I’ve ever done in my life.. making it approximately 3 times total.

Joined a group of friends from Utah State on a spring break trip to Hawaii in March. See more HERE

Had another huge spring/summer full of friends getting married. Sydney being the first of the season in April.

In May, I Helped organize and participate in the “Ghetto Blast” weekend for Stake Day of Service. All proving that our Singles Ward is the coolest in all the land.

Zions camping trip at the end of May. See more HERE

That one time I went on a double date… a couple cashews later… spent the rest of the night in the ER because of a nut allergy. I still laugh about this night.

Had the greatest birthday weekend in June, consisting of a Canoe overnighter at the lake.

Made lasting friendships.

Took my annual roadtrip from Texas back to Vegas with my sister and her kiddos. 22 hours of eating, driving, and making my nieces cry from our own farts.

Attended Ryleigh’s stunning backyard Wedding!

Nico Vegas concert in July.

Was Talia’s bridesmaid in her beautiful mountain side wedding.

In August I took a weekend trip to San Diego.

Was a graphic design intern at Vegas SEVEN magazine for 5 months this year.

During monsoon season we had multiple flash floods making rivers out of our streets. After weeks of chaos this photo shows the calm after the storm with soaked asphalt that I thought were real pretty.

Fell more in love with JLaw and watched every interview that exists with her in it.

More lake trips and new friends from Brazil.
Was blessed to have these gals around (Syd via text) whenever I needed them.

In October I took a trip to Utah to reunite with Kaitlyn after 18 months apart and caught up with Aggie football.

Hung with my girls Kels and Britt and helped a friend propose to his girlfriend at a pumpkin patch.

Attended the Life is Beautiful Festival and had a complete blast! See more HERE

Spent majority of my free time declaring my love for rock climbing this year.

Mom got a long awaited hip replacement… boy, was that a trip.

Spent Christmas morning with the best sister missionaries around.

Last, but not least, spent the beginning of New Years Eve with my best friend. We haven’t spent many New Years Eve’s apart (minus when she was on her mission). I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Thanks 2013. Although there were the expected ups and downs… falls and rises.. you were fabulous to me.

While writing this post I was remembering how I started this blog in 2008, I wasn’t even out of high school yet. Thinking about that makes me giggle and cringe at how embarrassing and font-color heavy this blog was. At how dramatic registering for classes were, or that one song that made my week back in ’09… Whatever it may have been its really rewarding to see how I’ve evolved. I never had a million followers, sponsors, or even perfectly crisp photos, but I’m grateful for the outlet this blog has been.
Here’s to a new year kindred spirit

2k13 Recap… better late than never.

Summer 2013 … (according to my iphone)

 oh sweet summer.. I haven’t had a summer like this one ever in my life. I wish I could say I was having the time of my life the whole time… but that would be a lie
And thats ok.
This is my first summer working a desk job everyday. First full blown post-college summer. First summer I felt the pressure to be an adult and not spend as much time for myself, but start a career, even if its at a job I won’t do forever. Its kinda hilarious being in this time of life where you have the freedom and dream to do SO many things with your life. Being single. Being inspired… and wanting to try everything. And ill tell you what.. I really do want to try everything. Which makes it hard to decide what to actually do.

“oh you got an art degree.. what do you want to do with that?”  …. everything.. is that so bad?

but that’s not what this post is about. Its about what I did with my life the Summer of 2013 whilst I try and figure out how to do everything.
The summer began a lot like any other. A wedding right as school is wrapping up. This time it was one of my bestest roommates Desi who wed this cool guy Kaden. I love when two of my great friends love eachother forever and I get to be part of their story on how they got there.
Before summer started I was called to be the Relief Society president in my ward. Basically meaning I get the opportunity to meet and grow and love all these incredible girls in my ward… and I assure you, I love them all so much, some without knowing them for that long. Some are shown here in this photo. Can I say its been such a blessing to get to serve them, and I can’t count the number of friends I made during this time I’ve been RSP. It was convenient that my Bday (shown above) was around this time so I received so much love from new and old friends. The love was overwhelming and I’m so grateful to have all these beautiful people in my life.
(lets all count the number of times Lori said love in this paragraph) 
Since my birthday was on a Sunday I felt the need to have the whole weekend to be my birthday weekend extravaganza. Starting Friday I got a crew to go kayaking with me where we camped out on the shore of the lake.
I’m a firm believer that the outdoors and good friends are a perfect recipe for a successful weekend. Where technology and the hustle bustle of the city are left behind to really create quality memories.
Thus continued the summer of all my best friends getting hitched. Another favorite roommate, Ryleigh, got married in June.
.. which was a MUCH needed getaway to Utah.
You guys.. YOU GUYS… the GHETTO BLAST stake day of service was such a memorable weekend. Our whole stake went up to a boy scout camp near Vegas and camped for a night and woke up the next day and did a ton of service projects. Our bishop designated the phrase “ghetto blast” to describe what the party was going to be like the night before service. (you can imagine our reactions when he said “ghetto blast” at the pulpit). We took that phrase and ran with it .. making it the theme of the whole thing! check it out:

Yes.. there was another wedding! My girl Talia (who I lived with the longest in college and would say spent the most time with, people thought we were sisters) got married in July, and I got to be her bridesmaid along side all of these AWESOME ladies. My friends know how to throw some mean weddings. That concludes the trilogy of roommateship summer of weddings.

haaaaa I also got to spend lots of quality time with one of my best friends Jeri. Monday lunch dates especially. She’s the best listener, supporter, jam partner a girl could ask for. My favorite thing about her is I don’t think she has the ability to judge someone. She see’s all sides of all stories and can relate to just about anyone. I love that about her.

Saw Nico Vega with Alyssa and Douglas. Easily in the top five best performances I’ve ever seen.

Drove from Texas to Vegas again this summer with my sister April and her kids which takes you on Route 66. Interesting couple days on the rode. From crying babies to 3 year olds throwing up in restaurants. If you want the best birth control around.. drive for 24 hours with three kids under the age of five.

We loved having April and her kids here for a month… and apparently so did my dad.
First California trip of the summer we went down to San Diego for one of our friends who was going through the temple.
The last trip before school starts we took a singles ward trip to Big Bear, Cali. Where we had a great over nighter with a million laughs and stories. Explored the town, ate good food. OHHH and I got to pet an 80% wolf 20% husky .. which could easily be the highlight of the whole trip.

… but these people right here topped the wolf sighting. My best friend Kayla is here for a couple weeks between semesters, so I got to mix her in with some of my favorite ward friends. I love having friends meet friends and become friends themselves.

Alas, this summer was a good time despite having to be a working adult. I’m ready for fall to get here, even though Vegas fall doesn’t begin til November. I’m ready for sweaters, boots, and Felicity marathons. lets go.

Summer 2013 … (according to my iphone)

we kept it real in 2012

BIG year. suuper big year for me. Thought i’d give a little recap of this year in a few pictures. The pictures aren’t in the best order, but I tried my best.
The beginning of the year I got to spend my last couple months with my Italian sister Catherina (left) while still in America. I love this girl. I also got to see one of my best friends Jessica (right) the most I have since high school, I also got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding a few days before Christmas, she was THE most beautiful bride and I’m extremely happy for her.

I attended my last semester at Utah State. I still get choke up saying that. A piece of my freaking soul is still there. It was a great last semester, full of friendships and the appreciation of the town I once hated.. somehow I ended up loving it. It was a weird thing. But im so grateful it happened that way, it was supposed to be that way.

Had some best friends come visit me after I moved home. Desi was a dear friend that I only lived with for a semester. The first 4 months of 2012 I shared majority of my laughs with this woman.
I got the paper to prove my last 4 years weren’t a waste.
Study abroad round 2. Eastern Europe. woah. loved every second. Its hard not to love summer in another country.
The girls that studied with me from USU. Such a great group. Great conversation. laughs. bike rides. hostel stays. coke stops.
Its hard not to consider this a huge highlight of the year. I just can’t wait to go back.
post the study some of us headed to Italy..
Where I spent my birthday and a couple weeks with Catherina’s family in La Spezia, Italy (near Cinque terre). Second coolest highlight of the year.
Returned home from my trip and spent some sad and happy couple hours with my incredible Grandma Honey before she passed. An experience I never want to forget, which is rarely said when it comes to a death. Its hard not to celebrate a life like hers, rather than mourn. Mourning was short, but her legacy is so much more powerful than a few tears. It has been a roller coaster since I ended college. But I know its all for a reason, but im super grateful for my two cousins (above) that have made the adjustment a little easier.
They’re my best friends.
speaking of best friend… She RETURNED this year!! from her LDS mission.
What a relief, I missed her so much.
Moving back to Vegas has forced me to get more involved in my singles ward church group.. participate in some great activities with great people even if in the middle of the night there are some hippies singing on the river so none of us can sleep. Recipe for some good memories.
took a  little  MASSIVE drive from Vegas to Houston Texas with my sister and two nieces this summer. It was pretty cool to see country side I had never seen before. As well as get a dang Clay Aiken cd stuck in the car cd player… death.of.me.
don’t worry we got a ipod adapter at the closest exit we could.
This year I fell more in love with my slacklining hobby. its theeeeee best. after running into 2 separate slack groups at random parks in Europe and joining them for a sesh a couple times.. I decided it was high time I needed my own gear, and haven’t looked back since.
I’m posting this because it was a huge deal. Seeing Metric for the first time. pivotal moment in not only 2012.. but my life. Emily Haines is everything..

Shout out to my Young Professional (YP) boys at the Pale Buffalo.. teaching me how they party. haha

The year was winding down. I have been working at a sign shop since August (which had its perks and downfalls) but as a recent college grad I’m happy for any work in my field. So a much needed vacay happened when I flew to Denver with my cousins, to see friends and family. Attended my first NBA game in Denver. Scored 2nd row seats for the Nugs, and had the BEST time. I don’t know if i can ever sit anywhere else but 2nd row now. Had these 2 hilarious older black guys sitting next to me cracking me up the whole time. overall, superb experience.
wrapped up the year with my best girls. danced until 4.. drank too much sparkling martinellis, and ive been tired ever since.
Literally had about 15 friends get married this year, 4 of which were in December. Graduated college. Visited 5 countries. 3 grand babies were born this year making me an Aunt of 12 beauties …
and the world was supposed to end.
Huge year. 
we kept it real in 2012

The 2011 Recap

I dont think this post needs much explaining, so here’s the recap of my year with just a few photos representing a ton of stuff that went down.
This was New Years Eve exactly one year ago with my best friend. That one time we got pulled over and got caught with IBC rootbeer. It was great. Kayla left on her LDS mission a year ago this week. My year without her has been hard, yet testimony building, because her passion for the work of the Lord boosts me through her weekly letters. She constantly says she LOVES being a missionary and wouldnt want to be doing anything else, and she truly loves the people that she is teaching. Would do anything for these people. She’s an incredible example to me.
Obviously I lived half the year in the rickity, with amazing girls. This was a morning we woke up and made breakfast, almost all of us were there. I miss our convos on the kitchen floor.
Spring Break some of my best friends came home with me. Me and Kaitlyn bonded more, if thats even possible.
Kayde got married and i was able to be her maid of honor. Lovely weekend.
I cant deny the fact that my favorite month of the year was when I studied design in Switzerland through my University.
met incredible people from Utah State, as well as European locals that i still enjoy staying in contact with.
Saw incredible scenery that made me feel like the Sound of music
and fulfilled once in a life time adeventures.
As well as made my way to Italy for 3 short days. Which may include the best day of my life.
Although i was sad to leave Europe, I came home to my pool and bonded with pool rats, and other guards. As well as inspire my friend Sal to name his new band, The Underwater Tigers.. if they get big, remember this is me claiming the rights to being the muse for the name. thank you very much.
headed back up to Logan for my senior year.
my best guy friends also returned from their missions, along with almost all of my other guy friends. fuh-inally.
My folks decided to get an Italian exchange student, whom I ADORE.
had a beautiful Christmas with my family, (and new family; Catherina)
I’m not one to spew out all my new years resolutions, not that they’re oober personal or anything, but my vague resolutions go a little something like this:
better my mind and body through good literature, company, and time to myself to indulge in things that I truly enjoy.
do art often. pieces that will suck, because a wise mind once told me that to truly become great at something, one must execute a large body of crappy work, that you know is crappy.. that frustrates you, so that one day greatness will have come through hours and hours of practice.
Be open to change. Be a risk taker, yet responsible and a realist.
There’s more, obviously, but thats my little appetizer.
Welcome 2012
The 2011 Recap

Summer wrap-up

Who really likes saying goodbye to summer? well i guess i could name a few, but all in all i feel like no one is ready for summer to be over unless it has to do with the hot weather.
Personally I love just about every aspect of summer.
And this summer was like no other.
Ill never EVER forget it.
Since I’m back in Logan getting my new apartment all put together my mind has been going over all the days the summer of 2011. Heres a few photos that give a good recap, in backwards order:
The last summer guarding. bittersweet: yes.
Kevin was my best friend this summer. We always have good times. Whatever problems we’re having in life, we’d be there for eachother, any hour of the day or night. Miss him already.
I gained an addiction to traveling this summer as well. Met the most AMAZING people and learned so much about culture. Makes me giddy just thinking about the experiences we had. mmm. photo: at the st. bernard monestary with all my favorite girls
this was on my birthday in Bern
probably my favorite photo from the trip.
And my USU Swiss family.
 see ya Summer..
Happy to be back at school. Senior year .. yeahh boy! lets hope its the last too.
Summer wrap-up