Best friendship roadtrip reunion

 I know i know its been so long since I’ve updated this thing! The second half of the summer has been pretty great, just a lot of adjusting to not being in school anymore, and the idea that I won’t be going back to Utah State. I’m Utah State homesick. There, I said it.
A couple weeks ago Kayla and I went back to her mission in Ventura California. 1. there was a baptism of someone she taught. 2. A great time to catch up with my best friend. 3. An excuse to finally go to California for the first time this summer.
 It felt good to take pictures of strangers again. wow, that sounded so creepy. But its true, I like to snap on the zoom lens and creep on patrons.
 This little guy was completely content playing in the sand alone in his diaper. He was so great.
 Ventura pier is a hot spot in town so we decided to bust out the slack line, we thought we were the only ones with that idea, but when we arrived there was another group of people about our age setting theirs up. The lifeguards starred at us with concerned looks, we thought they were going to tell us to take it down. nope. we kept it up all afternoon.
 officially my favorite slack spot. da beeest.
 can I live here please.
 it feels good to have this woman back in my life.
 and isn’t she the most beautiful return missionary you ever did see? love her!
 Since this was Kaylas stomping grounds for parts of the past year and a half, she showed me some sweet spots like this hill thing called ‘the cross’.
PERFECT place to see Ventura in its entirety.
Can you see the pier in the back? Kayla and i both decided Ventura has its own thing going, unlike the rest of California. Its hard to put into words, but we both definitely wanna live there one day in the nearish future. Ok? ok.
I’m out of blogging shape so this is a wrap. Peace and blessings.
Best friendship roadtrip reunion

DA coast part 2

SANTA monica.. look how fantastic this is. I love the colors.

mmmm. love.

the crew who hit up LA, SANTA MONICA, and NEWPORT.

went to a 24 hour donut place.. best donuts ever.

our new friend (on left) is Jamens cousin and we happen to be in LA during the championship games (Lakers vs celtics btw)
and She had a few choice words thrown her way about the color of shirt she was wearing.
Threats to leave “Laker nation” and go back to her bleepity bleep where the celtics will get their bleep beat out of them. hilarious drunkards.


Amazing trip. California always delivers the good times for me. Can’t wait to go back:D

DA coast part 2

The Coast part 1

[Insert my pity post about how my dating life is a crap hole that never works out smoothly…tear tear…Then get back up and life goes on.]

okay , now that i got that out.

WHAT: Beach 2010
WHERE: Southern Cali. mainly Carlsbad, CA
WHEN: a couple weeks ago.. same week as
The Buried Life Experience.
WHO: Family and Friends.
HOW: with

Reunion with good friends.. at Santa Monica Beach.

LA Temple. I love Los Angeles.

The infamous RODEO Drive

Justin got THIS close to Rihanna. Holy wow!

Santa Monica Pier


My brother and his beautiful familia

birthday dinner, oh p.s. im 20 now.
Carlsbad adventures. the creation of a crab.

Me and Kir. Enjoy my fro-tastic hair.

The grandkids

the crew of people from our church we went with.

church group part 2

my nephew Drake turned black.

wow.. look at my abs, they are so big. (me covering up my chubby chub with sarcasm)
attempted surfing.. it was a good time.

check out part 2 of post because this post wouldnt let me put up all the pictures for whatever reason. lame.

The Coast part 1

Barstow: best friend

Barstow, California

One may say Barstow is the crap hole of California, i mean Cali offers alot in every place but Barstow, i mean lets be real Barstow might as well be added to northern Nevada or something, join Ely and Caliente. What I mean by this is that its in the middle of the boonies and only offers travelers a place to pee and eat on their way to bigger and better destinations. Don’t you agree.

Well, Me and my family once a year or every other year travel to southern California to Carlsbad State beach and camp on the coast for a week. We made a stop in Barstow for some grub and such things and as we were getting on the highway to head further into cali i saw a purple bus in the distance. There aren’t many PURPLE BUSES around these parts… it got closer, and to my surprise, it was the freaking BURIED LIFE’S PURPLE BUSSS!

(To recap my love for The Buried life rewind to here and here. Im clearly a HUGE fan.)

I screamed! Reached over my father (who was driving) and snapped a picture of it! Then called Kayla immediately…

as shown here.. my dad was having too much fun taking pictures of me freak out… and while i was looking like such a 13 year old school girl, giddy as ever. so embarrassing.

My dad decided to turn around because it was a once in a lifetime experience. Nice papa.
so we did.
I had to brace myself if i were to see the guys, I was trying to “be cool” and chill and thinking of “hey dont i know you from somewhere… english class maybe?” type of lines to throw their way if they were in the bus.

The bus was parked at a gas pump so i strolled right into the gas station keeping my eyes peeled, i couldn’t see them anywhere.. They all could have been in the bathroom (thats what i was hoping)
BUT, sadly they werent there. So i decided to just start taking pictures around the bus anyhow.

still freaking out

not sure why i needed a picture with the front lights.

full shot

Uno question.

THEN, some guy in a white shirt came out and was getting in the bus, and I asked him if the 4 guys were in there and he said, “yeah.”
I replied with, “Are you SERIOUS!”
he returned with a “naw im kidding..”
Then i went on to ask him how he knew them, and he was just a friend of theirs that helps them drive the bus around.
Then the nice man totally let me ON the BUS!!!!

Ive sat where they’ve sat.. no biggy.


Stood where they’ve stood.
no. big. deal.


I’ve been by their poster.
Hate me for it.


SO! while chatting with their friend i was trying to get some details out of him, but he was going around the fact of where they were at the time.
BUT, he did tell me that they were doing “something” (aka fulfilling one of the 100 things) on June 11th in VEGAS! I knew they would do something in my town!

So we thanked the man so much for letting us invade on his space, he was the nicest guy ever.
and my dad handed him his work card with my home number on it, and the man asked for my name. And then we were on the road again.
That was my BURIED LIFE experience.
They have my number. ahhhh!
They never called or anything.. but they have it……………..somewhere.
They just might use it……………….sometime.

Look at them, they are screaming to hang out with me..

Ben, I love you.

p.s. I have way more vacation stuff to share, but i felt the buried life needed its own post.

Barstow: best friend