Hawaii Final Goodbye

ANDDDD there were only 4 left on the Island..the rest had been voted off. What a pitty.
 We were half vacationed out, half crying inside that we had to leave. So as one of our last activities we had to get those bomb tacos one more time.

and again they didn’t disappoint, not one bit.
depressed little boy #1
 grieving (in denial) little tike #2
mourning little chief #3
…. and thats basically how the last supper was. Silence.
Before we went to the airport we stopped at a Waikiki beach for one last look. Watched a sand volleyball match. Observed a homeless guy shower. And saw about 6 VW buses owned by men fulfilling their surf every coast in my VW bus dream. It was charming.
We flew to San Fran for our first stop.. got there an HOUR early which began our 8 hour layover. Starting at 11 at night.. so we got the cheapest hotel we could find, took a shuttle there.. and devoured iHop at 1:30 a.m. then CRASHED instantly. I arrived back in Vegas at 8:30 am.. and went straight to work.
And that concludes the trip.
It was tropicalicious.
a completely needed Vacay.
Until next time:)
Hawaii Final Goodbye

Hawaii Waterfall hike & Laie Temple

 Wednesday we started the day off at the swap meet in Honolulu at the stadium on the campus of University of Hawaii. You KNOW i love me a good swap meet. Later that afternoon we all went on another hike. This one a little more enjoyable, and less stairs. Thank heavens. Trees with vines are everywhere, don’t even think for a second we didn’t wanna Tarzan those babies.

These trails were like nothing I’ve been on. Roots populating the entire thing. It was so beautiful.

This was a happy accident of a photo.. didn’t look at all before shooting.

The end of the hike was an incredible waterfall with cliffs to jump from.

We always tend to hike spontaneously and I never have the right shoes therefore of course I step in 5 mud puddles. Picture doesn’t give the damage justice.

As we finish up the hike a pack of bikers zoomed past us by the trail head, and this is how the photos I tried to snatch of them came out.
 Today I woke up demanding I get to walk to the Temple, which literally is a 10 minute walk from where we are staying.

 It reminds me of the temples written about in olden times. It was incredible, and the temple grounds were so well taken care of.
 Look at this little guy!
These sister missionaries get to wear mu-mu’s when they’re on the clock on the temple grounds. Lucky. There was another hand full of them all wearing matching ones.
 Marine and I
 View from the temple. Can you see the beach?
Then one of my favoritest parts of the temple grounds was this incredible TREEEEEE! would you just look at it?
 I REALLY wish i could grow this in my backyard.
 I would prance around like this everywhere.
This week is flying by too fast. Can time stop please. I don’t even mind how cray cray my hair is on the daily.
Hawaii Waterfall hike & Laie Temple

Hawaii Pipeline and Stairway to Heaven Hike

I’ve been waiting to see a surf competition while I’m here and finally the North Shore provided just that. It was called pipeline. We couldnt see super well, but the day was perfect with blue skies and big waves. The 25+ people in our group finally all got to be in one place at a time. It was prime beach day.
Alexis and Dan
This little girl was so in love with the sand .. straight up taking mouth fulls and smiling.

One of the girls competing.
Later in the day we started on a hike called the Stairway to Hell Heaven. Consists of 4000 steps. Unfortunately we got a little lost in the jungle on the way there… and some of us didn’t get to finish the whole thing to see the sunset. Me, being one of them because it got dark.
Did I mention we had to sneak in?
This bad boy was SO STEEP. My booty was on fire.
We had to sneak under the highway to get to the trail stair head.
This is my wing woman Marine. She’s from Switzerland and has gone to Utah State the last 4 years. She’s incredible.
It was so steep that we could see this view in no time. We were all dripping in sweat.
This stretch shown was pretty mellow compared to the other steep parts we came from.
It started getting dark, but the city was lighting up. It was fantastic.
Corie, a new friend I met on the trip.
The highway we had to go under in the beginning.
We look like we just got done swimming with how sweaty we are. lol Just beautiful.
I’d be lying if I said the hike was a stroll in the park. haha Pretty intense, but really worth it when it was all done and we got to see the Island from so high up.
I’m excited to see the other hikes here on the Island. Goodnight world.
Hawaii Pipeline and Stairway to Heaven Hike

Hawaii cliffs and snorkeling.

 This morning we woke up and headed across the island to some cliff jumping. A place called spitting caves. Which you can only jump if the water isn’t too choppy, if you don’t want to die. Just kidding, but we happened to be there on a good day where the water was on the more calm side. Not very comforting still. haha
 i mean .. who gets to live here?!?! Its just nor fair. I bet its Ushers winter house.
 first to go was a girl we didn’t know.
 .. then the boys in our group stood there gaining the courage to do it since a girl could do it.
Pugmire of course of the first to try it.

After some cliff jumping we headed to a great snorkeling place. This was the cooooolest… paid about $7.50 to go to the bay area where there is alot of sea life. The goal was to see a sea turtle, but we never did. The colorful fish were pretty incredible though, and were way close to our faces.

we got a little creative in our sand sculptures. Isn’t this hilarious?
 We had to lend alot of it to this girl Quinn that started snorkeling with us. She traveled here alone from Portland, so she spent the afternoon with us, and was the brains of the people sand sculptures.
She had this tattoo on her arm that means “away from home” (technically “away from cities”) but i thought it was really rad tattoo, along with stories of some of her travels.
 Someone thought it was a good idea to attempt a pyramid with the group.. are side of the only one that stayed up, the other half fell, some face planted and ate some delicious sand. ha
 This was my first time snorkeling, and it won’t be my last! Ever tropical place I go to from now on i gotta do it, next time i WILL find a sea turtle, and make it my friend.
 This is only like half of the group that came from Utah State. Another 15 or so flew in this evening.
  The group today was so fun… we broke out in a dance party in some parking lot. It lasted a good ten minutes maybe with music blasting from one of the cars. Nate (right) is one of my favorite dancers, this kid knows how to move!
 could possibly be the best photo of myself.
Ended the day playing football, frisbee and hands up stands up til it got too dark.
Packed day! but I love days like this sometimes where you barely have a second to realize how much you’ve done.
Hawaii cliffs and snorkeling.

Hawaii Day 1-3

 Feels good to be back on the adventure train. I love getting on a plane knowing im going somewhere that I’ve never seen. Thinking about it gets me giddy inside. A couple weeks ago I decided I needed a break from the real world. Post graduation life is harder to take breaks than I thought it would be. Luckily, I work at two fantabulous places that gave me a week off without any fuss. shweet. So I impulsively bought a ticket to Hawaii with a huge group of people that go to Utah State or are USU alum. Aggies just love eachother, old or new, forever and ever, its contagious.
First couple days we spent getting to know the island. Which you can drive across in like 2 hours. Saw 3 different kinds of sands within miles.. I loved that.
 old friends and new. Matt, Ben, and Fish.
 oh food. lots of really nice sticky rice and macaroni salad.  not complaining.
 Acai bowl. acai berry mix, granola, berries, bananas, honey.
bees knees.
Come to momma.
We lived in this beauty the first couple of days. Its called the farm, because its on a farm. Naturally. ha its got 3 bedrooms, a ton of couches, a few futons, and 4 hammocks to go around. total of about 15 people sleeping on every surface of this place.
There are random chickens and birds roaming everywhere, and cows and wild hogs. It feels like we’re out in the forest, but also a farm/ranch. Its a weird atmosphere that im totally eating up and loving. I mean the owner of the house brings us fresh eggs every morning. Talk about hospitality.
 View looking off the porch.
 No need for alarm clocks in this house, We have a friendly rooster around the property helping us out with that.
 Today was rainy for majority of the day til the late afternoon when it cleared up. So we went to Waimea Beach where there was MASSIVE waves. Kids, these aren’t California waves.. these are monsters. We weren’t allowed to get in the water. The only people in the water were people that were at least a couple years experienced in these conditions of waves. One of our guys tried to boogie board but the lifeguard got on his megaphone and specifically pointed him out and said, “uh, sir in the red shorts, why don’t you just go ahead and turn around and come back to shore because you can’t handle these conditions.” hahahah us main land noobs.
 One of my buddies from back home came out to visit his cousin, so they came to hang with us for the day.
It was finally time to hook up the slack line to palm trees. yes please.
 We met some other groups of people we didn’t know that joined us. It was definitely a highlight of my day.
Its already going by too fast. And I can’t believe its taken me this long to come here.
p.s. aloe lotion is life saving.
Hawaii Day 1-3