I came across this incredible video made by one of the Switzerland USU study abroad alum. So it took me back to when I went on the trip which followed by me looking through all my old posts from the trip and crying that I’m not there now. (I didn’t cry) I’m really impressed with how the trip was captured so beautifully in this video so I hope you all enjoy.
my 2011 group.

Recap and Goodbye.

 I felt like my last Swiss post wasn’t good enough to end on.
I need more closure in this relationship. I mean one whole month i gave this love relationship.. i owe it to Him (because in french you have to specify if masculine or feminine).
So here it goes with the recap and goodbye.
The monastery was AMAZING, and an unforgettable 3 days. Not many people can say they took a pilgrimage in the Alps in a blizzard, hung out with a Monk, cleaned a chapel full of really old stuff that we weren’t supposed to touch. and walked over the Italian border. And met an amazing girl named Margerite who took us to a pub where we had an amazing night in Italy. what. up.
Videos stolen from Kaitl’s youtube.
I had the privilege to hang out with ALL of these people. My  USU swiss family… and Dominique.

did weird shiz the entire time. were “stupid Americans…”
I followed old people around.. was it creepy? uh, nope;D
The thing that MADE this trip was being with these girls the whole time. I love them all SO MUCH! Im having weird withdrawals without them around, and saying inside jokes that we created in Switz out loud and having no one understand them.
Swimming in Lake Geneva ALOT. We definitely formed a bond with this place. It became our hang out.  Vevey and the Americans are tight.
went to Italy and swam in the Mediterranean. Had an unreal day…one of the best in my life.
Now for the Goodbye:
once again the view from our room
same view
just waving to Sam on our balcony, taking one last look at what we were blessed with for a month.
smolder.. love her.
down our hallway
our room all packed up. (and the photo that i promised mom and April of my room)
after we were all on the bus taking our last looks at Au Bel Air and our Leysin home.
Seriously two of my favorite people on this earth. I miss them dearly. I miss their: breakfasts, waffles, accents, reaction to us blowing the fuse in the building, Dominique saying, “come to me..”,Josieanne teaching us how to eat cheese fondue, and most of all just their giving personalities. I will forever remember them, and remember how they introduced the Swiss Culture to me.
June 2011,  I already want you back!!
If you missed out on the trip check out posts Day 1 all the way to THE END post.
Recap and Goodbye.

THE END of Switz for now…

 The end of this journey has been bittersweet and NOTHING like the first 3 weeks. I mean we went to Italy, then the rest of the time has been SO random.
I guess ill start out with us meeting two local brothers from Leysin on the train over a week ago,
Then running into them again.
Then us getting invited to one of their birthday parties.
So we went.. because we wanted to see how Europians party. 
Turns out they don’t dance.  Not as much as Americans at least.
Also i forgot to say the kids whose birthday it was.. he’s a DJ.
Being the crazy Americans that we are, we danced while they watched us being crazy. haha
The best part was that the songs that they played were way old school hip hop, like Run DMC, and MC Hammer (thats what they think we jam to, which we do when we want an old school pick me up)
It was a really funny night.
 Us dancing all weird, and the Swiss people (which you see at the end all around the table) looking at us like we’re the weirdest things they’ve ever met.
one of the days we decided to get on a random train and not look at where the destination was and just end up in an unknown town.
So we did, and it took us to Texas… not really, it took us to a small swiss hick town called Bavois.
We came across a soccer football field. And we hung out in the stand where the announcers would sit
we also twirled until we were so dizzy that we fell on this big field of grass, in this unknown town.
Sam is always so happy.
we waited for our train.. like we do numerous times a day.
homeboys played their caseo on the train
out the train window on our way to Leysin
This is Kaitl about to catch my chapstick
Been a LONG month, very tiring…
more tiresome people.
But, Dominique always greets us with this smile. pulls at my heart strings everytime. haha Cheesy i know,,, hate me for it.
we ate on the deck
Authentic Brauts and other random Swiss stuff.
Definitely one of my top favorite photos of all time. Explains his entire day the other day.
And as glamorous as this looks, Kaylee had a water mishap.. but doesnt it look like a sea horse.
This was our last night all together before we come back to America..and the boys were crackin us up. Im going to miss spending so much time with all of them.
It wouldnt have been the same without all the different people in our group. Everyone added funny stories and had an impact on how this experience was. I wouldn’t take anything back.
(except maybe the cheese fondue, and anyone who was in this group would probably agree) haha
THE END of Switz for now…

Day 23

 Presentation Day.  Remember how i told you we had to do a marketing project. We were split up into groups (design and business students) to re-design a brand of chocolates here called Femina.. So here was our finishing product.
we proposed that this brand support a cause in order to gain advertising, revenue and to help people
Ads we made. We were inspired by Tiffany & Co.
Then we had one of my favorite meals.
All the salad dressings here are 10 times better than in the states.
Mashed tators, cauliflower, and meat.

NO WAFFLE WILL EVER COMPARE TO THIS WAFFLE.. Its like a glazed donut in waffle form, with chocolate and caramel and whipped cream on it. all of that and times it by 500 and this is how amazing it is.
Kaitlyn: “i would throw up just so i would have room to eat more of these waffles”
Then a smaller group of us hopped on a train to go for an evening swim in Geneva lake again.. but this time in our swim suits.
We got there in time to see the sunset
The group.
check out Clays face.. he’s on the far right sitting down. He’s our eccentric fella.
The ladies.
It felt amazing to finally be done with the school part of the trip, although its going to be weird not to be with the entire 46 person group.
Tomorrow we’re going to Italy for a couple days. So see you on Friday!
Day 23

Day 22

We went to the actual Matterhorn today. Not just the one at Disneyland. The real one is located near Zermatt, so we climbed (as in the train) a huge mountain to get to this little place. Probably the most touristy place we’ve been. Today was also our last day all traveling with the group, so it was sorta bittersweet.
On the way up on the train me and Kaitlyn sat next to this old lady that ended up chatting with us. She is almost 85 years old and came to Switzerland from Germany in 1945. She was 19 years old at that time. And she talked to us about the war and how she met her husband. I loved talking to her, old people have a view of life in such a different perspective,  that always creates light bulbs in my head. Not to mention they are wise, and have many years of life experience on top of ours. One of my favorite aspects of traveling that ive come to realize is that i love the random moments with the people here. Their story, and different lifestyle. It always captivates me.
Me and Talia created our vision boards (assignment we have to do) here in this sitting area.
SOOOO, its been a LONG month, and today was the last day of hard travel with the group like i said before, and i think we are all POOPED..
i think maybe even a little crazy…
Hey Abe Lincoln
just too easy Kaitlyn, i know you have some of me too:D
The view going up the mountain to Leysin that we take everyday. Have i mentioned how blessed i am?
Since it was the last dinner with the full group, Dominque made it extra special. I have a video of him playing his trumpet, but its having troubles uploading. Ill have to show you later.
He made it look like an American/Swiss party
And made the most delicious cake that had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry layers of ice cream (glasse) inside a layer of white cake, then cover in some cream stuff that he set on fire to make all crispy.
It said “USU 10″… because we were the 10th year of this program.
That’s basically the day. I slacked on the pictures, ill pick up the picture taking tomorrow. Promise.
Day 22

Day 21

 FIRST AND FOREMOST: Shout out to my father!
Gruyeres, Switzerland.
We had the lucky opportunity to go to a Medieval Festival in Gruyeres, and explore the beautiful scenery and lurk on all the people dressed up like authentic medieval folk. I think everyone enjoyed them self quite a bit.. Here are scenes from the day:
from left: Sarah, Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Me, and Talia
Gruyeres center square.
i wasnt kidding when i said they were dressed up authentically. Straight up.
men in tights
this view was unreal.
maze jumping.
We also went to a couple museums, one of which was a Tibet museum
We had time for meditation in the Chapel of this Tibet Museum. On this trip we strive to set aside time daily for meditation to clear our minds in order to gain more perspective in ‘Designing our life’
Pistachio and Chocolate on a grass hill.
Stained glass on a tomb stone.
wet pitcher that was just made.
feeling like Nala about to pin Simba.  (whilst gallivanting in this meadow, in character, I got stung by some form of insect.. which threw off the whole mood)
Last stop of the day was in Montreux where we had 25 minutes to kill, so we went to the Geneva lake side lookout.
Day 21

Day 20

 Nothing really happened today. 
It was a frickishly rainy day. One minute we’d look out the window and it would be just raining.. then the next it would be completely foggy and we couldn’t even see across the street. We were LITERALLY inside a cloud up here in the Alpy Alps. So, we stayed in the Au Bel Air basically all day working on our marketing project for Femina Chocolate. It was weird to actually not travel hardcore for an entire day. But i couldnt leave you guys hangin.. so you GOTTA see the vid that was made from our Geneva Lake gallivant (v. To roam about in search of pleasure or amusement) from yesturday.
 Please Enjoy.

Special thanks to Lindsay and Pam via Switzer Struts.

And then Kaitls, Kaylee and I grandma race back home, after taking a dip into the lake. But it was raining already so ‘wetness’ was bound to happen either way. Eventful day yesterday.

Don’t worry tomorrow will be more travels, keepa readin:D

Day 20