Day 19

Lausanne today! finally didn’t have to ride a million trains to get to our destination.  Lausanne is only about an hour away from Leysin. We made our way to the Rolex Learning center. Which was freaking sweet looking. There are no stairs, just inclines. And it was full of college kids. Impeccably dressed dudes that are our age. Why do people dress so AMAZING here. I feel so frumpy compared to them. Freak people please give me your clothes.
Then we roamed the streets of Lausanne before our organ concert.
kinda creepy.. but street performers are always interesting.
we ate kebabs on those steps for lunch.
get it gurl.
Lausanne Cathedral.
Views of Lausanne
rooftops are beautiful here.
At the end of the day we had some free time so me and a group of girls decided randomly to run jump in Lake Geneva, fully clothed, (because it had been raining already). So we ran from the train station to the lake and as we were about to jump in one of the girls slipped and fell and messed up her ankle. So we made sure she was okay and went on with our little swim and got some GREAT footage:D Then we had to RUN back to the train station and get our friend to the train station too, so Pam and Lindsay found a shopping cart and put the injured girl, Keeley, in it and we all made it to the train in time, thanks to the train for being 7 minutes late. Long story short, we had a blast, but the injured girl broke her foot and is in the hospital for 3 days and has to have surgery. Sometimes being spontaneous back fires.
I wont lie tho, it was beyond worth it. Its just too bad accidents happen. Anything for some good footage, you will see the video of us jumping in within time.
Day 19

Day 18

Today, we took a boat from Luzern to Rutli Meadow. 
 we celebrating the 10th year that the Switzerland trip has been going on at Utah State.
We learned how Bob met Dominique and all the people that took a part in making this amazing trip happen for the past 10 years for about 500 students.
The weather was perfection and there was no better feeling than a cool breeze from the water blowing on our face.
I just sat there with my eyes closed just soaking it all in.
the water was a rich teal color. almost looked fake.
Swiss pride everywhere.
We wrote down our aspirations and Dominique tied them to balloons and let them go.
love this authentic Swiss man.
It was a very feel-good, self motivation day.
After some rituals we all did the Scotsman.
On the boat ride back, i had a little crush on this boy.. and his newsie hat. He was winking at me (which was both eyes because he cant quite do just one eye) all the girls were gawking over him.
p.s. i was a genius today and forgot both my memory cards at home, so i didnt have my camera.. so props go to Talia, for letting me borrow some photos from her super nice camera:D
Day 18

Day 17

‘Chocolat’ DAY!  We took a long bus ride to Nestle factory here in Broc, Switzerland.
It was the most interesting tour ive ever had. I felt like i was in Its a Small World Afterall at Disneyland. And Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory… and at the end of the tour we had unlimited amounts of chocolate samples. This could be a good thing, and a very bad thing if you dont pace yourself. Luckily i didnt overload.
Nestle has a sub-brand called Callier which is what we got to sample. And learn alot about because we are doing a marketing re-design to one of their chocolate brands called Femina.
For you, When is it time for Chocolate? Twice a day… at the least.
they had a saweet play ground in front of the factory.
Kaitlyn.. just being her beautiful self!
My second beauty, Kaylee. I Adore these girls.
fro-in’ it today.
Loren… happens to be my real name. We went to a little village to walk around for like an hour after the Chocolate shin dig.
on the bus today we had ipod karaoke where one person picks a song and they turn the volume ALL the way up and blind fold them (or just close their eyes) and belt the song! its priceless.
Day 17

Day 16

 Here is our day in Luzern. LOVE this city.. but has there been any place that I havent liked?! nope.
view from the KKL concert hall in Luzern
Me and Sarah
we had some dude take our photo.. and it was accidentally on video (of course cuz that business always happens)  haha and i just like this video, for his oopsies in french.
Sarah and Kaylee dancing through the street
We walked to the Dying Lion that represents the Swiss Troops when they made the trip to Paris to protect the Royals.
definitely one of my favorite sculptures. It was in a mountain! So fascinating.
feeding the duckies.
me and some of the ladies
Sorry if this post was boring.. im a tired lady!! Chocolate factory tomorrow!!!
Day 16

Day 15

 I can’t believe my trip is half way over. Its FLOWN. But also feels like I live here now, ive gotten into a routine of just calling Leysin my home. By the end of the days I LOVE coming home to Au Bel Air. Its my home away from home.
TODAY we took a boat to France… From Nyon to Yvoire.
Yvoire is a town known for its flowers and gardens, and for keeping its Medieval authenticity alive in the little town.
Nyon before we got to the lake side
the boat we road across Lake Geneva to France
bakery stop
Yvoire road
oh hello local lady, keep looking at us, yes we’re not from here.
totally reminds me of One Tree Hill. This kid even looked like Lucas Scott too.
trinket shop in Yvoire
best random paintings here.
Also this, people like to wear VERY tight clothes here. Homeboy above in the black has better legs than his wifey. This was disgusting to look at.
From left: Me, Lori Diaz, Kaitlyn, Marille, Talia, and Kaylee on the dock board walk of Yvoire.
I wish i could dry my clothes on a porch like this.
 On the train ride home me and some of the group had a funny run in with a drunk guy that kept giving us granola bars, and other food. It was SO funny. He also said something about when i have babies with wings I just need to let them fly into the wild. He was a weirdy. Cracked us up!
 One more week of rigorous travel than a week to ourself:D
Goats ma-totes.
Day 15

Day 14

Today was our day off, so we got to explore wherever we wanted. So me and a group went to a Museum of an amazing graphic artist. We couldnt take photos inside so you can see his website HERE.
Then we made our way to Geneva to find a church we could go to for about an hour. Here’s day fourteen:
Window of the exhibit.. this artist is pretty eccentric, so this display didnt surprise us.
cathedral next to museum
the museum: MUDAC
We got to Geneva and had NO idea where we were going, or where to get to this church building.
So we roamed around an unknown foreign city
UNTIL we found it! Then we celebrated by high fives all around. YAY!
The best feeling is knowing that the Church is the same all over the world. It was like a safe haven for us.
photoshoot in front of another church we thought looked cool.
We like getting lost and having to work for where we go. Also it wasnt too shabby to run into a half Haitian, half British man on the train and have good casual conversation with him. I wasnt complaining.
Day 14

Day 13

Today was very interesting. Definitely different than the past days. Went to an angry girl cow fight day. That was the gist of it.
Smiley face
Heidi and Kaylee on the train
we decided that we hung out with the Swiss hicks today. they’re not like the Utah ones.
31 happened to ram into my roommate Kaylee today and almost broke her elbow. It was a freak accident
Kaitl and Kaylee loved their cows they took bets on so much they wrote the numbers on their faces. (maybe that was the reason she got rammed by the cow, musta been mistaken as one of the contestants) jk
waiting for our bus
Bob, it looks like he’s flipping us off, but he’s not.
Cheese fondue for dinner.. Kaitlyn’s favorite meal.
Ive been slacking on the pictures.. im going to try to take more again, im getting lazy homes.
Day 13