Zions Weekend

With my holiday weekend I decided it was a good idea to take a little camping trip to Southern Utah and hit up Zions National Park. Left right after work on friday and spent that night around Snow Canyon in a cave playing glow stick hide and seek and on our way out we had difficulty finding a place to crash and ended up setting up camp on a church lawn in Ledges, Utah. Never heard of it? yeah, me neither, its itty bitty. Sprinklers woke us up at 3 am (we move to the sidewalk). Another time at 7 am, but this time, sprinkler in the FACE. (i have never been up on my feet and awake so quickly). Strangely had dejavu of when my father would wake me up for early morning seminary with a squirt bottle, weird. We decided it was time to head to Zions after the second sprinkler wake up.

 Hidden Canyon Trail
From left to right: Alyssa, Haley, Spence and Matt
Met the right 3 this weekend, and reunited with Alyssa after a couple years when she moved to Vegas for the summer. A definite prime camping group.
Did a wee bit of solo climbing, and loved my life.

Family Photo

Later that afternoon we did The Narrows hike. If you aren’t familiar… its a hike through 1-3 feet of water basically the whole time. I thought it was a good idea to bring my camera, so I spent the hike holding my camera above my head in case I fell in and had to sacrifice my life for my camera. I only had one intense fall..  Saved its life. hallelujah. BUT, the Narrows are GORGEOUS, and it was all completely worth it. 

Can you believe that these natural formations are only hours away from where we live. I am beyond grateful for that fact. Makes me want to quit my job and travel to every national park in the world. 
Until next time. 
Zions Weekend