Last week I took a trip down to the Arizona, specifically Havasupai within the Grand Canyon. Yet another too beautiful to believe places that is so close to where I live. This trip had been years in the making, or shall I say years in the wanting. We drove down on Tuesday after work and slept at the top of the trail. We got there when it was still dark knowing that we would have a killer view when the sun rose. It didn’t disappoint. Check it out for yourself:
The hike in reminded us a lot of Red Rock, which made us wanna climb around.
The first sight of water along the trail shows that there had been a flood recently. The thing about Havasupai is whenever there’s an exceptional amount of rain, it re-routes the water throughout the whole reservation.
Still appears to be crazy beautiful to me.
These little guys were everywhere, and definitely made the most noise at night.
We may or may not have gotten on the wrong trail to one of the falls.. remember that “keep away from edge” sign.. ya forgot about that.
That wrong trail then led us to some flood areas, resulting in a couple un expected scrapes and bruises.
.. and trudging through the untouched section of the falls.
Apparently we don’t like following the rules here.
Another day we hiked down into another falls. You can see in this photo how wide the waterfall was at one point. Water affects rock in some interesting ways, even after its gone.
We had to shimmy through some narrow, steep cave-like sections of the mountain. A couple parts involving ladders and chain railings.
The youngest in our group was Tess.. probably the most adorable human I’ve ever known.
She was obsessed with every kind of leaf she could get her hands on.
Havasu falls was the main most populated falls.
The hike out was still breath-taking.. despite it being up hill the whole time.
A highlight of the trip was when I found out the Havasu tribe run one of the last “pony express” mail services (on mules). I had to send some postcards because I was so fascinated with the concept.
Lastly, the whole group at the end of the hike, sweaty and tired but feeling completely accomplished.
I definitely wouldn’t mind making this an annual trip. Who’s with me?