Class of 2012

It’s incredibly surreal that this day came.

I’m sure its normal to be happy and sad to see it come. But what a perfectly beautiful day it was. In the morning we had to meet on the quad. I’m really glad we met there because Its the perfect place to catch the essence of Utah State at its purest and most charming. Everyone was full of anticipation and the feeling of accomplishment. It was contagious. Its not everyday you have this feeling. Like you just fulfilled a 4+ year marathon and weren’t even sore, just finished and ready for whats next.

We had a ceremony with all the graduating students from Utah State, where we listened to a couple speakers, and were praised. I love being praised sometimes. Quentin L. Cook, one of the 12 apostles of the LDS church was given an award for his Doctorate of Law or something of that sort. But I was on the second row, so it was pretty great to see him that up close.

I couldnt help but feel like I was at Hogwarts. Then I ended up sitting next to Dumbledore in the ceremony, then i knew it was true.
Some of the Design graduates I spent a lot of time with, waiting to go on stage for the second ceremony with just our college.
We all got sat on stage, and awaited our time to walk.
spoiler alert! we had to hand this to the guy to read while we walked across the stage…(praying i didnt trip and face plant) But I did run into the plant that was on stage. why do they have plants up there anyway?
Then it was all over. Wrapped up with a nice remix of the graduation song that I laughed and danced to, along with streamers that fell from the ceiling.
Lindee, a fellow design student.
my good friend Benjamin
my beautiful engaged/swissmiss Sarah
Then the ALL TIME BEST GRAD PHOTO EVER TAKEN. Erik Wynn. That face was a complete accident, but i loved it.
A different Benjamin
My oldest sister Channi. My folks, brother, and my sister & fam came to support me. I don’t have the photos with them yet, but i was so glad they all came up. Made the day feel extra special. Love them all so much!
 I thought it was pretty awesome graduation day was on Cinco De Mayo, so even though the ceremonies were over, the party didnt stop. duh.
After packing up my car and getting ready to move home, I spent a little time with my roommates. Got all sentimental and choked up over leaving. Never thought that would happen. But These girls are incredible, and all the friends i’ve met over the past 4 years have shaped who my my adult self has become. Its just what I needed, even through the days i hated this place, it was all preparing me to end up loving EVERY part of this Logan/Utah State/College experience. It is utterly inevitable. One of my really good friends always says, “if you don’t have fun at Utah State… its your own fault.” and Ain’t that the truth people.
So after I watched Logan get further and further out of my rear view mirror, and headed down to Salt Lake to attend a Cinco de Mayo party. The best one I’ve ever been to. One of my best friends Stew threw the party, and I’ve never known anyone to throw as successful parties as him. It was perfect. Even had a taco stand (ran by a random Mexican he had met the day before)  parked right on the lawn.
Matt Bury and Casey Allred. ran into a ton of Logan friends, which was perfect, so I could say goodbye.


 AND.. since I’ve been sucking at blogging lately, here’s a semi preview of the past couple weeks.
The weather got warmer, sooner this year, which was only the best blessing for my last year here. So we spent as much time outside as possible. And loved it.
My girl Emily Stolworthy came to visit me, it was perfect. We always keep it real.
Had some extra time to climb again with m good friend Casey. I missed it. And I love how close these routes are in the canyon. Definitely one of the #1 things i’ll miss about this places. Being able to drive 10 minutes and be here.
All these people lived within feet of me. I really didnt want to say goodbye.
Night before graduation making the rounds saying goodbye to people. This could easily sum-up my college experience. Bonfires. couches. good stories. friendships.
best hammock ever
And the Brandon Asay. This kid and i got way close this year. Taco Tuesdays, and random coke meet-ups on campus. Could always rely on his friendship.
Last Aggie Ice cream trip the night before graduation. Erin, Erik, Desi, and I
Last but not least, my saving grace this semester. DESI. This girl is my sister, my dance partner, workout partner, dinner partner, laugh partner, One Tree Hill partner, and many more. She was always there for me, even when she was dating someone or whatever… always was down to do anything!
That’s that. The best college. and the best friends a girl could ask for. 
On to the next adventure.
Class of 2012

I’m a senior and its scaring me

 This past week was pretty crazy planning for my senior Design BFA show, where we displayed our portfolios of work we’ve done in the past couple years as photo/graphic design students.
But boy oh boy does it feel good to have one thing checked off the list of capstone projects for the end of the semester.
Explanation for photo above could lend itself to my goal to go to as many of the places in town that I havent eaten at before I move. Can you believe 4 years later and I havent eaten at everything place. I mean this place is small. Still got a couple weeks to do some work.
On to the BFA show…
This little shin dig was held at the Bullen Center.. on main street where a lot of different kinds of art shows are held. I was on the “interior” committee, so on friday we were up super early setting this thing up.
Sneak peak to the decor. It ended up being more foofy and crafty looking than I voted on it being….but its hard to state your opinion when there are 40 other people wanting other things.
Our theme was “CAPTURE DESIGN” to combine photo and graphic design students into one show. kind of had a mug shot idea in mind when planning our poster (shown in the post before this). Capture=meaning photo being captured and/or getting arrested for being awesome artists.
I was also on the food committee, which lead to me dishing gelato all night. Not too bad of a job.
now.. i have this friend. Her name is Lindee. and she is the bested ever.
now, a lot of you wont understand the irony of this photo, but these are the two head graphic design teachers. They both basically rule the design department. Both incredibly talented.. There’s just one problem, They are POLAR opposites, in just about every aspect. Besides one being asian and the other white, they also dont really like each other, and often time make this vocal in class, maybe not in a direct manner, but we ALL KNOW. They make taking both of their classes a PAIN.. imagine for a second, showing both of them the same project, and one loving it, and the other hating it. What do you do then? So, when we saw them sitting and chatting we had to take a photo.
This girl.. cracks me up.
cant think of any other time ive been hotter than this right here.
We’re almost college grads… hire us, eh?
me and some friends participated in some other activities as the night went on.
And thats that… another week down, one less week of my time in Logan.
I’m a senior and its scaring me

BFA Show

My senior show is this coming weekend. On 4.20 like everything else it seems. Come if you can.
There should be food.. great design floating around. And even better company, by yours truly, and all the other art students I’ve spent the last 4 years with; considering bringing mattresses into the art building because we lived there, learned there, and consumed too much caffeine there.
Hope you like what you see.
Check out our commercial:
And our website:
BFA Show

The time has come..

 …where i’m getting extremely depressed to leave this place.
I swear, just when things start getting good, I have to make a huge change.
I still remember the first day I moved to Logan. Oh boy was I a noob, and terrified because of my lack of friends. or anything familiar for that matter.
But the past couple of weeks, I make myself queezy thinking about saying goodbye. Every perk about this place is starting to sound so great.
Whats happened to me? I used to jump on any opportunity to bag on the weather or how ‘small-town’ Logan is. AH.. i love it here.
I really do love all 4 seasons, and how safe it actually is here. Even though the lack of street lights everywhere freaked me out for a good 2 years, and night-time was SO eery… oh oh, and everyone leaving their doors unlocked… its grown on me. Theres something about how when the weather is perfect outside, EVERYONE is outside, and as simple as the sun being out, makes those days practically a holiday. Something I never used to appreciate.
The involvement. Its contagious. I’ve never gone to another college, but I would bet Utah State has some of the best events and number of students that get involved.
Ask anyone that knows me.. this is so out of character for me to say all this. But I adore this place. And like my friend says, “every day is your last day here”… and that makes me sick. Everyday is a holiday from here on out, I have to do so much in the next couple of weeks while I still have an address here.
Can time just rewind?
who am i? and what happened to the Lori from the past 3 years?
The time has come..

… as of late

So there was this one time I went home for Spring Break and I came too close to running out of gas, that I coasted up to the gas station. All because some Nascar race made me wait in a ton of traffic. Made my mother sweat a little.  
Here is a recap of whats been going on lately, I’ve been a very very busy girl this semester so i’ve been slacking, so I’ll give you a taste of the recent happenings. (according to my iphone)
 As i was driving home, my pops told me to hurry home, and this was the text convo we had after he told me to speed home.
 My spring break was spent with lots of time out side. Bike rides and such. Eldon hates this photo of him, but i dig it. So he’ll just have to deal.
hadnt been to a skate park since middle school.
I got back to school after SB and got back into the swing of school work and found this gem on the wall of one of the art rooms. It was a board with people who attended an art event last year and had a photo booth. The Puffs made us laugh. Mainly because their names were.. the Puffs:D
attended one of my last basketball games as a student here at USU. we won. obvi.
This past week the weather started loving us again. Got up to the 70’s this weekend. I couldn’t believe it really. But its when everyone tries to get some color on their skin. even dudes. bromance.
I went shooting with my good friend Porter, since the weather was good and all. Enjoyed myself.
Through this i realized i could probably never be a cop. Too much pressure. I’ll stick to shooting cans of orange soda, thank you.
Then today me and Talia went to The Hunger Games. And beat our hunger by sneaking Jimmy Johns in with us. But on to the good stuff. the Hunger games was everything that i wanted. Katniss was a perfect Katniss (whatever her real life name is), She got every emotion just how i wanted it. A couple things didnt follow the book, but all in all. LOVED IT.
Pray that this nice weather stays for good. I know I am. I’m ready to say hello to Spring.
… as of late

You know who I adore?

One of the greatest friends I have. Natalie Sargent enlists into the MTC (missionary training center) tomorrow. She’s incredible. And we had a lovely last talk Monday night on skype.
She’s headed to Vina Del Mar, Chile in a few short months after the MTC. Spanish speaking obviously. And she is going to KILL. IT. Out there.
So proud of her.
 I realize these aren’t the most attractive photos of either of us, I couldn’t seem to catch a good screen shot, but i sorta love these.
So I surrendered and embraced the inner creep.
I know she’s not dying but I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite moments with Nat.
And the greatest thing about our friendship is we haven’t been friends that long. But we connected instantly. Here it is folks:
Spring break 2011 in Vegas
Annual Ugly Sweater party December 2011
Powder puff partners 2010 sometime
After we got our aces kicked
yes please
could possibly be the most attractive photo of us to date.
Halloween 2010
Roommate breakfast. But mainly her boxers she LIVED IN.
Christmas roommate gift exchange photo shoot.
Is it bad that i used this as an excuse to re hash all the photos from the past year and a half?
But to be honest, I’m going to miss Nat so much. She always made the biggest effort to keep in contact with every one of her friends. I mean you couldn’t not love having her around.
I know you wont get to read this, but I love you Hermana Sargent.
You know who I adore?